Media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that KPIX CBS5 investigative reporter Anna Werner has been let go due to financial reasons. News director Dan Rosenheim would only confirm that Werner is no longer at the station, but Lieberman said he was told by a source that it was a financial move. She has been at Channel 5 since 2004 and has earned several Emmys. Previously she was an investigative reporter at the CBS affiliate in Houston, KHOU. Her bio page at the CBS5 website, which had described her as “one of the nation’s top investigative reporters,” has been removed. But the “CBS 5 Investigates” page, showing her most recent work, is still up as is her CBS5 Facebook page.

Bay Area Media News


  1. No fooling; she used information from one of my stories where I did all the investigating,interviews and made all the contacts and then gave me no credit. What a sham.

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