The Society of Professional Journalists is honoring veteran Chronicle reporter David Perlman with the Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement. Reporting for over seven decades, Perlman is revered for his comprehensive writings on complex developments in space, geology, paleontology, evolution, the environment and other science news. Perlman’s 78-year newspaper career began at age 12 with his junior high school paper. Perlman started writing at the Chronicle in 1940. After serving in World War II, he worked at the International Herald-Tribune before returning to the Chronicle in 1951.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. I hope SPJ has the good sense to drop the words "Helen Thomas" from the award before they give it to Perlman. He has an excellent reputation.

  2. I am in awe of David Perlman for his ability to distill complex issues into an understandable newspaper story without pandering to the reader. He is also a gentleman.

  3. Helen Thomas Award? Are you kidding? You'd think SPJ would have changed the name of the award before giving it out again. Talk about tone deaf.

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