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Station owner drops KPIG music for ethnic format

Fans of KPIG-AM 1510 Piedmont — which simulcasts the rock/folk/blues music station KPIG-FM 107.5 Watsonville — were surprised this morning to hear Chinese programming.

No, it wasn’t a KPIG prank. Mapleton Communications of Los Angeles, which owns radio stations in nine markets, decided to drop the KPIG format and replace it with a brokered Chinese format.

This year, Mapleton had increased KPIG-AM’s power, allowing it to reach San Mateo County as well as San Francisco and Marin counties.

Here’s a link to the announcement KPIG-FM posted to its San Francisco listners. In it, Market Manager Ed Monroe said he is trying to find an FM frequency in the Bay Area for KPIG.

David Jackson, executive director of the Bay Area Radio Museum, commented:

KPIG-AM is licensed to Piedmont but transmits from five towers atop a warehouse in Oakland. 
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