When All News KCBS 740 added an FM frequency almost two years ago, the natural question was when would KGO-AM add an FM channel, too. But Citidel, the owner of KGO-AM, was in Chapter 11, and acquiring an FM station was out of the question. Still the trend of news and news/talk formats going to FM hasn’t stopped. Last week in Atlanta, the dominant AM news/talk station, WSB-AM 750, announced it is adding a 24-hour simulcast on FM.

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  1. Citadel simply doesn't have the cash to buy or do an LMA with an FM signal in the market.

    FM is however vital to any radio brand that hopes to survive. Younger listners don't pay attention to AM. I-Pods for example only have FM recievers. Also KGO could – in theory – snip a little of KQED's audience, but again, public radio listeners are FM only.

    It was a sharp move on the part of KCBS to acquire an FM signal.

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