Media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that John Kessler, morning co-anchor at CBS5, will leave the station after his contract expires in mid-October.

“I’m not in their plans,” Kessler told Lieberman. “I’m very disappointed I was not able to deliver the audience they expected from me. For those that did tune in, thank you. It’s been a great ride.”

Before he got to KPIX in 2002, Kessler was an anchor at KRON. Before that, he was a radio disc jockey, working in Detroit, San Diego, Jacksonville and Charlotte. Kessler studied journalism at San Diego State and is the father of two boys.

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  1. I miss John very much. Bring john back to television. He was great on kpix I got up at 5 just to watch him and I was a stay at home mom of 2 girls…love you John

  2. Now they are both gone 🙁
    I switched to KRON Ch 4, sometimes ABC 7. CBS 5 should remember we are not an LA youth-oriented crowd; old format and older anchors/reporters were better.
    Wishing John and Sydney the best; know San Francisco loves you.
    from, An SF native of 59 years

  3. Have you seen the show now with Frankie? I miss John more now than ever. What about the weather chick. What happened to Tracy? I actually look forward to Lawrence now with his many times he says "Yeah". CBS you messed up on this one!!

  4. Just noted Johns' new website-apparently no local news channel has been smart enough to offer him a contract.
    The bland, inarticulate, "Frankie" who eventually replaced him is a complete blank as a personality and is painful to watch, and that is ok because I only sporadically watch the show anymore. When John and Tracy Humphrey were on the show it was the best in the bay area. Smart, witty, warm and intelligent programming has been been replaced by cookie cutter blondes chirping away and a guy who looks and speaks like a deer in the headlights.
    John and Tracy had lots of loyal followers, so don't insult us by claiming that the outcry against CBS managements' stupid move to drop them, is manufactured in any way. I have never written in support of any other TV personalities, and I do now because I still feel strongly about this so many months after it happened. CBS made a huge mistake
    and is certainly not improved anything with the morning crew they have now. The program is really poorly done and could be broadcast from Dubuque for all its local relevance or flavor. Dumb move and
    hopefully will result in the firing of the team who pulled this off.
    Look forward to John Kessler back where he belongs (on TV) leading a new team to success. With all the turmoil and craziness in this world it would be so nice to hear his sly and perceptive take on it all. Our loss.

  5. I am sad to see such a wonderful team changed. Because John K. is not hosting I have changed the channel and do not watch the show.

  6. Sad to see such a great team change. I watched the new team,but changed the channel. Hope John Kessler is doing well.

  7. I still cannot get used to John Kessler being gone. I have switched to ABC for news because without John Kessler your news is just boring. John was funny and always made me laugh. Big mistake to let him go.

  8. Hey today on the noon news Sydnie got a little shoutout to John. She was covering a live "blowdup" of an old hospital. I saw her sneaky little smile after she said it. Way to go Sydnie!

  9. So, does anyone know where John Kessler went? We miss him. The balance and banter between John and Sydnie was fun. We, too, liked John's irreverence – and what I was really impressed with was the station seemingly allowing him to mock the management, as if they were saying, "Yeah, we're not perfect, but John helps us keep our feet on the ground." I loved how he used to get a kick out of watching buildings be destroyed. LOL And Tracy, we miss her, as well. Where did she go? She was goofy cute fun, too. Weather doesn't need to be dry and serious. I still like Sydnie & Elizabeth. The new guy is a bit, um, generic or flavorless or something. But they're probably instructing him to be that way – or in any case not to be like John. I liked the Roberta/Bastida days, too, and KPIX almost lost me when they departed for night time, but at least they're still at the station. I still watch in the morning, but now we flip a lot to other channels and just tune in to get the quick weather report – glad to still see Lawrence once in a while. – Anonymous from Sonoma

  10. John Kessler was HALARIOUS. Was who I looked forward to making me laugh first thing in the morning as I dreded going to work. I was wondering what the heck happened to him. CBS SUX without John. He was so down to earth and just plain enjoyable to watch.

  11. John Kessler and Sydnie Kohara were my favorite news team. I don't watch this channel anymore in the mornings. Miss John.

  12. This new guy who replaced John, Frank is absolutely awful. where did they find this boring, cardboard cut out? This certainly makes me appreciate Sydnie more. I so miss John to statr my day, does anyone know where he went?

  13. Frankly, I don't watch this morning news broadcast much anymore. The replacement for John is a true talking head, no personality, tries to be personable and fails. Kohara is good as is Wenger. Beyond that, not worth watching.

  14. I know that CBS5 has another man on the show, however none will compare to the fun that John Kessler brought to their morning news show.

    Kessler and Kohara were a great pair! Even their commercials were fun to watch. If their commercials were still on, I'd stop my DVR to watch them.
    Now I see that Tracy is not coming back either.

    CBS5, you blew it! You had something that was pretty great.

    I first started watching before Roberta was on in the morning. Then when she joined, it was fun to listen to her and Ken Bastida in the morning. I know I still catch them at night, but a fun show is the best way to wake up in the morning.

    I don't watch religiously like I used to. I sure hope you get someone more fun to add in the morning than the guy you have right now. He seems so dry!

    A Disappointed Viewer 🙁

  15. Ok, its March and I still miss John Kessler, you should bring him back somehow. He was the reason I watched in the morning. He and Sydney were a great team. That was a very poor decision. I am still disapointed every morning. I hope you will even consider giving John his own show. I will not be watching Johns replacement (who btw sounds like winnie the poo). Too bad foe Sydney – who makes a great straight-man for John. I hope John is having fun.

  16. I`m also done watching channel 5 morning news. I gave it a chance without John Kessler and it`s not the same.He made it a great way to start the day.Too bad the powers to be don`t realize that!

  17. I still miss John Kessler, you should bring him back. He was the reason I watched in the morning. He and Sydney were a great team. That was a very poor decision. I've waited longer than most viewers for you to come to your senses, but suppose I'll join the ranks who have left and switch stations. Hope you're happy, your viewers aren't.

  18. I still miss John Kessler, you should bring him back, he and Sydney were a great team. That was a really poor decision. I'm sure you lost a lot of viewers, I'm done waiting for you to bring him back and will also switch.

  19. I tried contacting the station directly to complain and request John Kessler's return but was unable to find an avenue on their site for input. It is horrible, I miss him very much and no longer watch CBS5. My mornings are not the same. What were they thinking? Good luck John. If anyone knows where he is now, please advise. TV or radio, I will tune in.

  20. Any news is redundant & boring all by itself, what with its many commercials every 5 or 8 minutes. Most news stations are affiliated with each other & seemingly feed from the same trough with little variation. They call it LOCAL news (hardly)Egypt is not Local but our neighborhoods are.
    National news can address the larger world picture. Lets get back to actually getting into the streets and report about our own neighborhood.
    As for John Kessler -A brilliant light shinning in a sea of darkness and corporate greed. News is redundent and agonizing to watch as it is and without someone like John K.- even worse. Life without humanity and humor isn't life … It's without a pulse.

    The very best wishes to ya Johnny K. Hope you find a home that appreciates your contribution.

  21. Bring John Kessler back. Him and Sydney was a Great team. He started my morning by making me laugh. I have been waiting for him to come back on, but now that I know he will not be returning to the station. I will not be watching cbs5 news in the morning.

    You don't find people like him that can make you laugh in the morning, because he is not all serious like the rest of them. He said what was on his mind and I admire that. Bring John back. He was the last person that should have left.

  22. Well, it's taken me months to finally look for John. Bad call, CBS. I have since tuned into another morning news broadcast. KPIX now completely lacks the energy and charisma it had w/ John at the helm. Sydney is great, but he made her a little more light, relaxed, and likeable.

  23. Has management at KPIX changed? What were they thinking letting John Kessler's contract lapse? Once again, management is completely out of touch with reality. That seems to be common in business these days. John was the one saving grace to their morning news cast! And whose idea was the ditsy blonde? Gimme a break! For those of us with IQs above room temperature, PLEASE bring John Kessler BACK!

  24. Where is John Kessler now? I can't believe they replaced him with someone from Boston. Why the heck did KPIX mess with something that wasn't broken? Personally, I think John & Sydney had really good chemistry which is why I watched Channel 5 in the mornings. Well back to KTVU for me!

  25. Been out of the country until Dec. What a surprise the John Kessler was not on anymore…Looks like I'll be watching Brent and Laura…Sydney and Elizabeth dont have the chemistry…What were you guys thinking??? Very disappointed…Good luck John, I know you will be more than welcomed anywhere you go…Hey, let me know so I can tune in !!!!

  26. John I hope we get to see you soon somewhere. We have stopped the am news and listen to the radio.
    Good Luck to you..You have a great smile and I am sure someone will get smart and get you back.

  27. There is no reason to get up early now that John Kessler has left the CBS5 Local News.

    I looked forward to mornings with John and now do not tune in until 8:00 AM.

  28. I am so saddened to learn that John had left the ch. 5 morning news. He was the ONLY REASON that MADE me watch the a.m. news. This is the ONLY reason I watch cbs 5 news in the a.m., but am now switching over to Ch.7 I also now watch the evening news so I can Roberta Gonzales when she left. BRING JOHN BACK!!!!
    Rosanna Pina
    Yorkville, CA

  29. I recently came back to watching the morning news because of my job hours. Each morning I have looked for John. Where's the man with a touch of cynicism and a dab of edginess? I asked myself. All I see are faces similar to those on other networks. Today I found this website and news that John was gone. Years ago Joannie Greggans was dropped in the same way on Channel 5, and I lost my exercise routine. Henceforth, I'll be watching the livelier news on Channel 11. Good-bye.

  30. I truly miss John Kessler each weekday morning. He handled his job professionally and with a twinkle in his eye. He and Ms Kohara were a great team in my opinion.

    I'm hoping to see Mr. Kessler on another station or at least hear that he is doing well.

    CBS may very well regret this decision.

  31. It's truly a shame to have lost John Kessler – my hope is that we will see him again on another network. Who knows, maybe Ms Kohara will join him! Such great chemistry between the two.

    I can't help but think that there is an out with the old and in with the new mentality demonstrated on this station which if true, is very sad.

  32. I am sooo sorry! Sorry that I will no longer watch CBS news in the a.m. We watched John Kessler Sidney EVERY morning and it started our day. Your whole format is boring and lacking. I love Sidney but she needs John for balance. Whoever made this decision made a bad call! Sad

  33. I just got back in town from a long work assignment and tuned in to watch John Kessler this morning. What the heck was the crap they were broadcasting? Googled John and found out he is gone. No more CBS5 for me. The brass at CBS5 sucks (I should have left off the "br").

  34. Why is it management of any kind never makes the right decisions? John Kessler was the best part of the morning news. It was great to wake up and have a laugh or two before heading off to work. This was the worst decision just to let him go and not tell the fans about it. Please reconsider bringing John back.

  35. I must be the last to finally Google " where's John Kessler"? I am so disappointed that he's not just on a sabbatical. Like other viewers, I detested the couch and don't like the all-airhead format. I miss John. And I resent that it wasn't his choice – I'm done with that show. Off to channel 2.


  37. Too bad John wasn't in channel 5's plans–I will be tuning in somewhere else–he made the show and made my mornings brighter!

  38. The failure of CBS5 to renew John Kessler's contract continues to be an irritation to me and many others that loved watching his incredible whit in the morning. It was informative and FUN. What were you thinking CBS5? Now it is BORING…I have moved on. Sorry.

    Benicia, CA
    Avid news watcher in the AM

  39. I miss John Kessler. Don't watch KPIX in the morning anymore. On with KRON, where John used to be. Why why why? What were you guys thinking by letting such a talent slip away? Jerks!

  40. It is late November and I still cannot find a morning news that I can enjoy or even tolerate. I miss John Kessler, sure wish he would find a Bay Area Station to anchor again and I would watch faithfully again.

  41. It's now Thanksgiving and I still miss John Kessler. John you were the CBS morning show. Yea, it was cute with Sydney but it was you that had the magic. Cbs5 you made a huge mistake. We followed John from KRON4. I gave it a chance but it's time to switch stations!

  42. I've been wondering where John was and finally googled him today. So sad to see he's gone. I have watched him for a couple of years(ever since Mornings on 2 fired Mark Curtis and brought in Dave Thomas) and now will be switching to another station. The new format on Channel 5 sucks. Maybe they could replace Dave on Mornings on 2 with John. I haven't watched Channel 2 since Mark Curtis left. Can't stand Dave. When a good thing is working why change???

  43. We are very sad to hear that John is not around anymore, we all enjoyed his sense of humor and professionalism, it is not the same without him and like others we will also be looking for another news station to tune in to. John and Sydney made a great team. Please reconsider and bring John back to his many fans.

  44. I do miss not listening to John and Syndie in the AM. I had started my day viewing CBS. Now I don't have a morning news station that I look forword too. I just channel surf. John made me laugh and smile before leaving for work. John best wishes wherever you are. Brentwood,CA 11/19/10
    Pat R.

  45. I miss John K, and Sydney is just to boring to watch. I love the weather person but that's about all I can say. I don't understand why CBS would break up a good thing.

  46. Who is the clown who blew this one…!? Kessler was one of the main reasons for watching the morning news! CBS morning news is boring and dull now…Way to screw up! Hope John lands in a place where we can see him again. I'll be watching other moring news for now on. Good luck to John. You made the show worth watching.

  47. It took a while for it to sink in that I had not seen John for quite a while, so I went to KPIX and they do not have him listed as current OR PAST on-air news anchors. Than I googled and found out that CBS dropped him. What a mistake!! I will miss the little-boy gleam in his eye and the frustrated "Big Sister" sighs from Sydney. I will also miss the "Blowed Up" seqments. But most of all, I now have no easy way to start my day. All the other AM news shows do not do it for me and neither does CBC anymore.

  48. I tried really hard to watch because I do like and want to be loyal to CBS but is is almost like a chore too early in the morning. Getting up that early is hard enough but now I have to find another news team in the morning to get me going. John and Sydney together were priceless and it seems like most people agree. Bad move and very sad that the station can't look beyond their own personal opionions and move into the 21st century.

  49. I stopped watching CBS about 4 months ago for a terrible reason. It was because of the way the weather and traffic women dress. Their dowdy attire distracted me from whatever they were reporting on. I switched to NBC and yesterday decided to return to CBS to see if they had hired someone to dress those two appalling women and realized John was gone. I thought he had the day off or was on vacation. Today, when no one mentioned that he was on vacation I came to this website to see if he had retired or God forbid passed away and lo and behold I find out that he left! I am shocked and disappointed over this decision and detest the new format with all women. At least Syndie is still there and can help dress the other two women so they can look presentable. I will go to the computer and listen to the radio from now on! Horrible to say the least!

  50. I also thought John was just on vacation ! Bummer ! I loved John and Sydney together ! They were my favorite team for the morning news!
    Channel 5 – you have blown-it!
    Bring John back !!!

  51. Why would anybody joke about such a thing? I'm sure he can speak Spanish, and I'll be watching with my Spanish-to-English dictionary at my side! I'm so glad he's back!

  52. Is he going to be doing the news in Spanish? Or will they have a translator or subtitles? I don't like subtitles. I'm not in to reading, which is why I watch TV!!!

  53. "Art White" is repeating the same comment seen repeatedly on this thread — he thought Kessler (notice how he misspells it like others have) was on vacation and decided to Google him and discovered otherwise, to his horror. Would the hoaxer who keeps posting the same comment please identify himself. The 246 posts here, all from the same person, make that person (probably Kessler) look crazy.

  54. We are John Kesslor fans and we too thought he was on vacation and was awaiting his return and finally googled him. No this is not a person who posted before even though the same sentiments are repeated over and over! Just letting management know the we have switched to another channel because of the change and was also very surprised about not letting the public about this before it happened, and giving him a great send off!

  55. How does "Brenda C" know that Kessler's contract simply wasn't renewed? Did CBS 5 make an announcement to that effect? Or is Brenda C really somebody else who knows about this situation intimately and has posted hundreds of comments using various names?

  56. I too thought John Kessler was on vacation. Sad to hear he is gone. I have know moved over to ABC. He was the funny one. The all women team is not that interesting. He was the witt and charima to the show.

  57. If I want to watch an all womens show I'll watch the view. Bring back John. His humor in the morning brought a smile to my face…For those CBS news big wigs….you made a big mistake and lost another viewer. I gave the new format a try and without John it just doesn't work in my book.

  58. Big mistake getting rid of John Kessler. He was the reason I watched the CBS5 morning news. I think the new living room couch format and weather graphics was also a mistake.I've now switched to ABC7 news.

  59. We too thought John Kesler must be on vacation and so finally got around to googling and am shocked to find out he's not coming back. He was the reason we tuned in KPIX in the morning. Now we just keep clicking from one station to another. Good luck where ever you are,John.

  60. Very sad to hear about John Kessler. I enjoyed him he put some humor on to the show and he would just tell it like it is in some of his discussions with Kohara. I will miss him and now will start watching channel 11 news. Where's the equality on your show you have all woman and no men.

  61. You suck! And your stupid coaches suck too. Do you have any idea how boring it is to hear the same news over and over at least you guys had some humor but now your just a boring news station. I hope someone local picks him up so I can enjoy all the bad news again.

  62. You know the saying "if it's not broken don't fix it! I'm so disappointed you let John go,my mornings are not the same nothing to look forward to at 5am. Now your just like all the rest boring.

  63. Wait a minute! Kessler has been off the air for three months now and you've been thinking he was on vacation.

    The fact that so many posts here include the phrase "I thought he was on vacation" leads me to suspect that they all have been posted by the same person.

    There's no groundswell of support for Kessler, just a badly done hoax.

  64. He seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't think the chemistry worked well with Sydney. He should have just been on his own or with someone else. That said, I always watch KPIX in the morning to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth.

  65. I am insulted that CBS didn't do the right thing by giving regular viewers some closure about John Kessler's leaving. It's like sudden death when an important part of a morning routine is taken away — without a word. Absolutely no respect! You prove you don't care about your viewers; you don't deserve them. CBS whodunits, you may be watching your own implosion.

  66. My Husband and I had a feeling he was gone and not on vacation. Finally could not stand it and google to find out what happen. John and Sydney where a good team they made you laugh in the morning. A Could way to start the day. When you watch murders, rapes, and fires morning, noon and night it is a pleasure to have some humor to get you out of the depressing state of affairs we live in. Sydney needed John more then John needed Sydney. I believe an all women team is just an other form of discrimination. Men and Women complement each other. We need a balance and CBS5 needs the balance in the work place. Miss you John and we are no longer watching CBS5 in the morning and looking to somewhere else to get our news in the morning.

  67. Well…I won't be watching anymore. That was the ONLY news I watched on television and that was because of John. That was a dumb move.

  68. I, too, am very saddened to hear that John Kessler has left CBS News. Why would management not think that John was a great part of that program? He was the one that I always looked for when I turned Channel 5 on in the morning. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH CHANNEL 5 EARLY MORNING NEWS WITHOUT JOHN KESSLER. It is boring now! Sorry Management but I think YOU WILL BE SORRY TO HAVE LOST SUCH A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING!!!


  70. The show is horrid without John. He got me to start my day with a good laugh. I have had to switch to another channel. To painful to watch Sidney without John there. He was the glue that made it work for everyone.

  71. I had a feeling that something happened to John and that he didn't just "go away" on his own accord. I really miss John's sarcastic banter. The all female line up just doesn't do it for me. BRING BACK JOHN!

  72. I was sorry to learn that John Kesslor is gone. I enjoyed watching his newscast. I now have switched to channel 2 or 4 in the morning. Channel 5 early news is not interesting, or eye catching. You've lost a watcher.
    John, the best to you and thanks for putting smile on my face in the morning with the news not seeming so bad. You'll be missed.

  73. I too, have spent the last month waiting for John to come back from 'vacation'. When it finally occurred to me that he was not coming back, I am sooooo disappointed! I am bored to death with the all female crew and I a very much pro-female. I like the weather 'woman, cute new haircut. The traffic person is OK, but I will be watching Channel 4/KGO from now on.


    CBS people are idiots! John and Sydney were the only reason I strayed my husband away from channel 4!…..Guess we are back to channel 4 until we find John again……

    Thanks for the laughs John and I will look out for the falling buildings!

    Sad Fan 🙁

  75. I started watching John K. when he was with KRON and when he left, my heart dropped. When he showed up on KPIX, I jumped for joy. He brought a smile to my being. I too, was shocked when on that Monday 9/14 they didnt mention his whereabouts. I posted on my FB page "Where the heck is John Kessler?" No response. Channel 2 is my choice for news for the moment. Can't do ABC7 nor KRON. John? come on back, We not only want you around here, we NEED you!

  76. I thought John Kessler has been on vacation until I did a Google search.

    Not the right programming move on the part on CBS-5. John Kessler and Sydney have been a refreshing morning wake up with my coffee and/or scanning through my morning newspaper or e-news. Their bantering and joking got me laughing at times. And when Sydney did the one Eye On the Bay local travel segment with John surprising her at some stops. They are a true morning team for those of us starting their days early. It won't be the same. No wonder it's now kind of bland. It should not be a news version of The View. I'll be switching back to ABC-7, KRON-4 or KTVU-2 in the mornings.

    If John were still on, he would have a lot more to add to be said about the Giants NLCS win and World's Series. I know he would show his own kind of Giants spirit.

    CBS-5, you should go back to John and renew his contract or negotiate a new one. When you do, I'll tune back. When you do, others will tune back. When you do, you'll stop losing more of your morning viewers.`I like Sydney, but it's just not the same. They both worked it well – together. A special chemistry that attracted and kept viewers to CBS-5 in the early mornings. That's a larger segment of viewers than you think.

    The best to you at CBS-5 Sydney. And John, wherever you go, you will be that station's gain. Such a wrong loss to CBS-5. Stay local John, do morning program with the right match for you, and I'm tuning in man!! And so will others. If they can match or better the chemistry you and Sydney had.

  77. I was wondering what happened to John. Now I know and this has to be some mistake! His tongue-in-cheek humor and perfect delivery, along with his rapport with Sydnie really made my mornings better. The show is just not the same without him. I mean no disrespect to the current lineup, but John was the draw for me.
    KPIX, quite simply, made a pretty big blunder with this decision.

  78. We were saddened to learn that KPIX has lost John Kessler. He was the reason we tuned into channel 5 in the mornings. We loved his sense of humor and interplay with Sydney Kohara. What a loss for us and channel 5! Hope you stay local, John!

  79. I have been missing John, but didn't have the time to check on him until today. First, I'm disappointed the KPIX didn't have the good sense to wish him well if they were going to not renew his contract; that would have kept us all from guessing his whereabouts. Second, I miss his wry humor in the morning, and if he turns up at another station, I will be happy to move my loyalty to him. I enjoy Sydney, but they were good together as a team. As some have said, no insult to the replacements, but John is a hard act to follow. Good luck, John, wherever you end up.

  80. I just got back from vacation and realized that CBS5 had fired John Kessler. Bad decision. I've posted all of these comments and still nobody is paying attention to me. Wow, maybe I need to get a life or something? Naw, I'll keep on posting comments about John Kessler. Maybe one day I can meet him, find out how he reads a teleprompter so well.

  81. I was so shocked to learn that John Kessler was let go by CBS5. I thought he had been on vacation the past three months. Those women with their high skirts just aren't attractive to me.

  82. Get a life "anonymous" – why is there someone like you who always has to bad mouth everyone. So what if you think CBS5 made a good decision in letting John go. That's your opinion and you have a right to it. However, you don't have the right to make up stories about the "same person" repeating a blog about John leaving. Believe me, I'm sure John has a great many followers, me included. These anchors go on vacation, come back, go on vacation, come back….So what if we all thought he went on vacation ?? I thought the same thing ! We are all not the "same person" and I'm sure Mr. Kessler has much better things to do than post comments all day. Grow Up !

  83. Come back John ! I miss you and need you ! I will follow you to which ever station you go to. I like Sydnie, but Juliette is terrible. CBS5 made a big mistake letting you go. Sorry CBS5 but I'm outta here 🙁

  84. I am really upset John Kessler is gone!! I agree with everyone else, CBC 5 made a really bad move. It just isn't the same without him. He made me laugh in the mornings, he had this special touch. CBS bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Now that John's gone, KPIX is moving up in the ratings. In the past week, they've climbed above KRON in the A25-54s and are even with NBC11. Looks like management made the right decision in booting Kessler.

  86. To the anonymous commenter who said Ron Burgundy is completely wrong … Ron Burgundy is the name of a fictional person portrayed by Will Ferrell in the movie Anchorman. He's kind of a Ted Baxter type of news anchor. Which actually describes John Kessler to a T.

  87. The comment posted by Ron Burgundy is completely wrong. That was not John Kessler's sign off. I don't know where he is getting that, but I hope the moderator removes it.

  88. Boy, a lot of John Kessler fans have just been returning from vacation to find out that he's gone — I mean 20 such people have posted on this forum that they were on vacation when he was fired and are only now finding out about it. Can the one person who is posting all of these comments come up with something more original. How about, "I was in a coma for the last six months, and when doctors awakened me, I turned on the TV in my hospital room and discovered John Kessler was no longer on CBS5. What a bad decision they made …. (flatline)" Now that would be funny. But for the same comments to be posted over and over again suggests that only one person is truly missing Mr. Kessler … and who knows, maybe that's Mr. Kessler himself, now that he has some free time.

  89. Came back from an extended vacation to find that John Kessler had been axe. This is extremely disappointing as his urbane wit was a pleasant addition to my morning coffee. This is one watcher who belated thinks you made bad mistake.

  90. In many households, John's was a household name. Given the ratings, I guess there weren't that many households where he was a household name, but a few. Maybe 10 or 15. But I loved John's sign off: "You stay classy, San Francisco."

  91. The dark shadow stumbled, pushed against a black BMW, then, cursing, staggered glassy eyed with halting, burping steps to the fiercely glowing light of the front door. The receptionist could not believe her eyes as the whiskery, pantless derelict mumbled a good morning.
    “Oh no..”she thought.” .Kessler…off the wagon again. “
    He dragged himself to the elevator and seemed to forget that he had to push the up button. Then his wavery hand shot up, did circles around the button, and pushed with all his body weight…

    Okay, I made up the scenerio; yet the mystery of the Missing Kessler hangs in the air. All inquiries are met with a blank stare, as though saying…”who?” If the news director does not realize the pillowy vacuum he has left by letting John go, then this prissy entity needs to reevaluate his competence. It is not, repeat, not the same without John Kessler. He is big. He delights the world. His impact can cause mountains to crumble. Get him back. Immediately.
    Walt Landers and the entire population of cbsville.

  92. I have tried. Tried really hard. I just can't get into it. John and Sydnie made the BEST morning team for the news ever. CBS and KPIX need to review these comments and realize how unhappy we all are about the change. No offense to the ladies who are reporting now, but it is not the same. I relied on John's casual and humorous work to make my morning start off well. BRING HIM BACK PLEASE! Now I just watch DVR programs and ignore morning news.

  93. I was so shocked to learn today, Oct. 14th that John Kesslor had left channel 5 morning news. I loved the banter between him and Sydney. All this time I thought he was on vacation. I don't like an all woman program, and the guy you have once in a while on with the women just doesn't cut it. John was a mans man, your morning news needs that, not a wishy washy guy.

  94. Sorry to see John Kessler gone. Really enjoyed his sarcastic sense of humor, and his banter with Syndney, it made the morning that much more enjoyable before the grind of traffic and work.

  95. To CBS5 management — I like the new format. Getting rid of Kessler was a good move. Hopefully you'll make more changes along those lines. Keep up the good work!

  96. It seems like the same comments are being repeated over and over. Doing a quick search for the term "vacation," i found 24 people posted comments saying they thought Kessler was on vacation and then discovered, to their horror, that he had been fired. My guess is that the same person is posting repetitive comments.

  97. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! I was another one who thought John Kessler was on vacation and was waiting for him to return. I figured I'd Google it and low and behold…he's gone for good. I guess it's back to channel 2. Who's the Einstein who decided this? Sorry, but Elizabeth is irritating after a while. You took the salt from the show. Hey, but good luck with finding a new audience. lol!

  98. These last few anonymous posts seem like from the same person. All of these fans that have posted would totally disagree that he was smug and snide. He was funny and warm. I totally doubt a psycho. These are just the couple of hundred people who figured out he is not coming back and spent the time to goggle it. I'm sure he has thousands more fans.

  99. Maybe John was a major psycho who would do weird things like post hundreds of fake blogs on a website. Maybe his bosses figured out how weird he was and showed him the door?

  100. These comments about people missing John Kessler are so repetitive that they have to have been written by the same person. That person needs to get a life. Nobody misses a morning TV anchor this badly. I smell a HOAX.

  101. Good riddance. Now I CAN watch CBS morning news w/o having to listen to his inane comments. I think news should be delivered without personal input. He was always making smug, snide commentary, inappropriate in many "news" situations. If you want news to be about the 'personalities' delivering it and not about the content, then John was probably your man. But frankly, who needs it? This could save Sydney
    Kohara's career!!

  102. I came over to KPIX when John moved from KRON. And because of that I started watching the Morning Show instead of Today as I had always done before. I loved John and Sydnie together and find the new show very boring. I will be looking for John and if he shows up on another bay area news show, I will switch.

  103. I too thought John was on an extended vacation, and am now disappointed to learn what happened. I followed John from KRON to CBS5, and have hopes he will appear in the very near future at another Bay Area news station. Let's face it, news is news and any idiot can get on tv and report the same things on the same day which is done every day on the other Bay area news channels but John Kessler gave it his own quirky spin and kept the humor going. I loved the "BLOW IT UP" implosions. Now I'm watching reruns of NUMB3RS in morning while getting ready for work and turning on the computer for traffic and weather. I refuse to go to that sappy couple of Channel 2 and Daria is flat since John left. NUMB3ERS it is.

  104. Although I am not a huge fan of Kessler, there was a definite synergistic relationship between Kessler and Kohara. Kohara alone lacks "warmth" and is difficult to relate to. Kessler softened her. They were a palatable duo. The weather person who was co-anchor the last morning I watched, was so overly made up, it was shocking. She seems to be a lovely person, but unfortunately not co-anchor material. The set is pretentious, trying to be "folksy" like your friend's living room. Lose the couch. This is a news broadcast. Let's get back to the news. I am now tired of the silly decisions made in trying to revamp this program. It is obvious you've made all the wrong decisions. Channel 2, I'm back and by the looks of it, here to stay.

  105. We miss John Kessler and out of habit turn t.v. on to Channel 5 every morning just to see and hear him. Yet once we see he is not on there we quickly switch to Channel 2. You really should have let Elizabeth go instead. She has no business on the desk, nor any business doing traffic. She is awkward and annoying and clearly nowhere near the caliber of John in news delivery and class. The all female crew is not working. We do love Sydnie too and want John back! Where did he go? We would truly like to know so we can continue to watch him.

  106. Big mistake not renewing John Kessler's contract – Sydnie is the one that should've gotten gone. I'm off to another early news show…hopefully John will pop up – he's such a breath of fresh air!

  107. Wow! I am disappointed that John is off the air! He made early morning fun and informative. Since he's been gone, I have been searching for a new morning news show…disappointing since John and Sydney are a great team. Haven't watched CBS morning news in almost a week now! Can't believe they didnt have a good bye show for him. That would have given the viewers a positive transistion to the new team…Now just to sad to watch them…

  108. I have been watching the CBS5 news for a long time. I looked forward to the banter between Roberta, John & Sydnie. Then Roberta left, but there was still John & Sydnie. I became more unsatisfied with the new weather gal, but there was still John & Sydnie. Then came the sofa sessions, but I was still satisfied with John & Sydnie. Now there isn't a John & Sydnie anymore. So after many loyal years of watching the CBS5 morning news to jump start my day, I am now switching to another station.

  109. Sorry to see John go.He was the best.
    You need some humor in the news today,as most of it is very depressing.My husband & I watched
    Ch.5 every morning & now ch.2 will
    be our channel.Hope you find a new
    station soon.Ch.5 is going to loose
    many viewers as we all thought John
    was on vacation or sick.Good luck
    Sydney your going to need it.

  110. What a mistake:-(. I'll be looking for a new morning news show for sure. Hopefully John will get a local morning job so my day can start with some humor.

  111. I am sorry to say that since John has left, I will no longer watch channel 5 news. I will now watch KTVU Channel 2. I think that John and Sydney made such a great newscasting team and I really enjoyed the news in the morning with them. What a dumb decision to let him go.

  112. CBS5 what are you doing? I was upset when you let Anna Duckworth leave, but I told myself that at least John Kessler is still there. Now you've let him leave and guess what…I'm leaving as well. I'll eiher go back to KRON or get my news from the Internet.

    Stupid move, just stupid.

  113. Aw come on! I don't believe these are fake comments because I feel exactly the same way this morning- I have been waiting all week for John and Sydnie to come back together on Channel 5 and now I have discovered that John is gone. I'm SO disappointed – the morning news is no fun any more.

  114. Damn, Now I have to find another channel to watch. I had a feeling when John showed up on air with the new suits. . . . .

  115. Okay, whoever is posting that the prior comments are hoaxes needs to get a life. John brought a side of levity to that show that always made it fun to watch. It was refreshing. You clearly do not appear to be fan, so why are you even spending your time posting? I am a true fan of his and have been for years. I've watched him when he was with KRON and moved to CBS5 when he did. I no longer watch CBS5 because of his departure. I even flipped through all the other local stations hoping to see he moved somewhere else. All I can say is the management at CBS5 are moronic. The news shouldn't be harsh. It should be real and John kept it real. Good luck, John! I hope you stay in the Bay Area so I can watch you again.

  116. this is unacceptable! who says he does not draw listeners? he was fun to listen to in the morning tv news as I get ready for work. I noticed him missing and there was no explanation. the blond doesn't do it. part of my morning schedule is to turn on to channel 5 for the morning newS. NOT ANY OTHER CHANNEL BECAUSE OF HIM.

  117. These comments, which all sound vaguely similar, are probably a hoax being played upon the Peninsula Press Club. Whomever is responsible (John or a fan, if he has any) should knock it off. Kessler was a very average anchor, easily replaceable, and certainly not one of the greats. To see all these fake comments is truly pathetic.

  118. I think that whoever wrote the previous post is a moron.."I think all of these posts are suspicious. My guess is that all of the posts on this page are by one or two people, maybe even John himself. If he had 175 loyal viewers, Channel 5's numbers would be double what they were. " I think the moron must work for channel 5. The truth is – John and Sydnie were a great team. Bring John back!! I cannot even believe you people let him go. I'm not watching anymore. Good luck to you, John…wherever you go!!

  119. I think all of these posts are suspicious. My guess is that all of the posts on this page are by one or two people, maybe even John himself. If he had 175 loyal viewers, Channel 5's numbers would be double what they were.

  120. The other Bay Area stations have as little to offer as KPIX – or less.

    I won't miss John's annoying attempts at humor, and I can still watch the nice traffic lady with the sound muted so I don't have to listen to the longwinded descriptions and broken live cams of no traffic problems.

    Let's face it, real news is expensive. Traffic and weather only cost a station the price of the "talent", while they have to pay real money for the news feeds (the few that will survive). If the only thing KPIX has left is the toned figures of Elizabeth Wenger and Tracy Humphrey, it's still better than the rest of the Bay Area stations. I watch them all, and I swear, Nicco on KGO is going to send me over the edge. Talk about annoying attempts at humor. If it weren't for Dan Ashley on KGO's prime time news, I'd give up totally on Bay Area news coverage and watch TWC reruns.


  121. Who owns this station? Do they even have a clue to the village idiots running their station to the ground? Listen very carefully, that morning news segment is the only television station I watch on a regular basis. Many of my co-workers and I talk about it at work each day. We are all upper income professionals, yes, we are the target audience that your sponsors are expecting you to draw. So to your sponsors I say 'consider NOT renewing your contract with KPIX, they just lost the audience who will buy your product". And to the village idiots I say, "if there is any talent left on the station I hope they let you go, and that it costs them three times John's old salary to get him back'. See ya, we have blocked your station from our television. Oh, and Sydney, if you read this, I am assuming you are out negotiating your contact… jump this sinking ship while you can…

  122. I hated just when he was on vacation, but now it is like watching the view. This is not what I have enjoyed on the channel 5 news in morning before I leave for work and my husband feels the same way. I just don't understand. I've seen this happen where I work too, when someone is qualified for the job they are doing and they are doing it well, which John Kessler was, the fact that you idiots let him go tells me it's time to switch channels. Which is what we will be doing. Good luck, I don't think your morning News/View show will make it.

  123. As I watched Channel 5 news every morning at 6 am, I just thought John was on a long vacation. When he was still gone this week, I realized that something else must be going on. As I now see, I am not the only one who has noticed that nothing was announced about him not continuing his broadcast on CBS 5. I am very disapointed and will miss watching him. He and Sydney were a great morning team to enjoy while drinking my 1st cup of coffee! He started my day with a laugh at times.I will miss him!

  124. Can someone recommend a good morning RADIO show? There is no longer a reason to turn on my tv in the morning. I'm so disturbed by this I actually opened a google account to comment! CBS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! I QUIT! Do what you have to do to BRING HIM BACK or you will lose many regular viewers. I hope your sponsors read this. They are not going to be happy with you either.

  125. KPIX has lost me as a viewer especially in the morning. I don't like the format with all the women…it seems like a stitch and bitch club. John was the one bright spot..professional, serious and funny. I hope a station locally picks up him up, because my loyalty is to him. It's always amazing that people who make these kinds of decisions have absolutely no idea of what they want or how to get it. Well, stupid is as stupid does.

  126. What a disappointment – and what a mistake. The couch doesn't work – visually or for the staff(the only one who looks remotely comfortable now is Sidney) – and the all female team doesn't work. John Kessler's delivery was different and refreshing – without him it's the same news I can get on any other station. I hope some other network will have the good sense to pick him up. I certainly have no reason to continue watching Channel 5.

  127. Big mistake (in my opinion), John and Sydnie were a hit for me. I don't like and will not watch the Early Edition without him. Best of luck Johnny, hope you stay local.

  128. I used to love the Mornings on 2 with Mark Pitta and Brian Copeland. It was an entertaining way to get the morning news. As they left, it morphed into a 20 minute tape loop of repeated stories and I switched to John & Syndie… now what? Bring back John!

  129. OK that's it for me. The little cutesy gang now doing the news is not what I look forward to at 5am in the morning. That was a dumb move. If you wanted to get rid of someone how about "Gum Chewing Brian" who does nothing but wave as he is smacking on gum. So tactless. I too wondered what was going on for the last two weeks. Well now I know and away from 5 news I go!

  130. Just when I finally got used to the crackling voice of the traffic lady reporting traffic….I was wondering the last few days about this, "extended leave" and quite frankly disliked waking up to the Sydney and Elizabeth show…Oh, and PLEASE GET RID OF THE COUCH SET UP !!!!! Major waste of money and a poorly done version of another show NOT worth watching.

  131. Sorry to hear about John leaving. But that will save me an hour in the morning as I don't care for any of the morning news, will probably just Yahoo News it over coffee now. Can't stand CBS 5 new "Barbie Channel" format. Hair swinging, high pitched, annoying nasal talk. Come on girls pay for voice lessons and quit bobbing your heads. Its just annoying. John was GREAT!!! I'm done with them.

  132. I'm so sorry you let John Kesler go. He and Sidney made a good team together. He with his humor and she being more down to earth. It was so nice to start the day with a laugh when there isn't much to laugh about when there are so many challenges out there in todays world. I'm sorry to see John go, your program is now very bland and I'm going to switch to another station. I've always watched channel 5. I'm very disapointed

  133. I am truly saddened by this move on the part of KPIX… I will be changing my morning news show…John and Sydnie are a wonderful team.

  134. I am a 61 yo retired post-graduate degreed male. Have watched CBS 5 morning news for some years. Now, VERY unhappy without John Kessler on the program. Will move to mornings on CNN, as other local morning news programs can not compete with the personality filled old morning format.
    And….you should have had Traci take over for vacationing anchors. Her delivery and personality are far better for the morning news.
    Another bad executive decision at CBS 5.
    Bye Bye!

  135. Oh for crying out loud! Who is running channel 5 anyway?? HOW could you let John go??? He was the only reason I got up so stinking early every morning. Wherever he goes, I will follow….

  136. What a shame. They finally dressed up the traffic girl, got a good team mate for John, dressed up the set and then. . . crash. See ya, KPIX. What a huge mistake. I hope he ends up on the morning news somewhere. I loved to wake up to his style. It HAS turned into the view. And poor Sidney. Just when she was beginning to shine. They were a great complimentary team. I hope to find you somewhere John. You made my morning!

  137. I too agree, John and Sydnie are GREAT together. he was a big part of my watching the cbs morning news. i watched him at kron. i will be watching and hoping he shows uo on another local station. bad move by cbs. i will definitely miss the 'blowed up' segments. too bad

  138. I wonder if the advertisers will read these comments. John Kesssler was the only reason I got my morning news from KPIX. I need humor with the dreary news in the morning. KPIX must be loaded with morons at the top. So much for morning news. . .

  139. Big mistake for the morning news.
    We enjoyed John and Sidney. The morning news has no personality or fun to it with John gone. Goes to prove people in charge don't have a clue as to when they have a successful program.

  140. My wife and I are devastated that John's contract wasn't renewed. He is worth every dime the station can scrape together, and letting him go is a BIG MISTAKE! Even though we're retired, we still get up early to watch the "John and Sydnie show". Their lively banter kept us laughing, and she was a good straight woman for his funny remarks. They made the news enjoyable. We won't be watching the "couch potatoes". Nothing against these women; they just don't have the charisma that John does. We miss you John!

  141. My wife and I are devastated that John's contract wasn't renewed. He is worth every dime the station can scrape together, and letting him go is a BIG MISTAKE! Even though we're retired, we still get up early to watch the "John and Sydnie show". Their lively banter kept us laughing, and she was a good straight woman for his funny remarks. They made the news enjoyable. We won't be watching the "couch potatoes". Nothing against these women; they just don't have the charisma that John does. We miss you John!

  142. I really hate to say this, but who came up with the all woman format? This boat is sinking….fast!!! John brought humor to people in the morning….made them smile anbd chuckle. Do you have any idea how many people would not do that left to their own devices? This is a huge loss. And with the "post John" format, I just can't handle it any more. Just count me as one more lost viewer jumping ship.

  143. My Husband and I think each and everyone one of us upset should contact chaneel 5 news and tell them. I e-mailed them and told them John was the ONLY reason we watched in the AM He and Sydnie TOGETHER were great. But alone she is quite boring I am sorry. Elizabeth does a great job filling in for Sydnie but she too is NOT JOHN. We will be switching news channels after years and years of watching channel 5. If I find out where he went we will most likly watch that channel. I think they should ask us viewers on their STUBID face book questions in the morning what we think about John being gone. BIG MISTAKE!!! Good luck John I know we will miss you…

  144. I'm very dissapointed that the decision makers only looked at a number. John Kessler has been on point since he walked in the door. He's professional in every way, funny, well read. The ladies are not going to get it. You've lost me as an early morning viewer. Your evening news isn't so great either, but I really enjoyed John.

    John, I hope you reach your broadcasting goals with a station that appreciates your contributions. Please post your next assignment.

  145. Wow…ninety-some comments and over 99% of those share a common theme, that KPIX goofed up BIG TIME. I agree completely; John added a much needed dose of common sense and reality to the news. I've got to find an audio clip of him saying "a new study"!! Folks, don't hold your breath that KPIX management will come to their senses, it's far too late for that. I, too, will eagerly await John's new gig and hope it's still in the Bay Area. Best of luck my friend!
    BTW, to Anonymous who seems to think all of these "repetitive" comments are being made by John: did you get your thrill by seeing words you actually typed show up on the Internet? I, for one, am impressed you know how to use spellcheck…

  146. BOOOOO… I am so disappointed. I switched to CBS several years ago because of John. I loved starting my day with John and Sydnie. Honestly, I too will look for another station to watch in the mornning. I appreciated the humor and the seriousness of the news format.
    I think that Sydnie changed a lot over the years, for the better I might add. They made a great team.
    I will seek out and switch to what ever station he lands on. John truly is the element that makes the team. He was awesome with Daria on KRON, he has been sensational with Sydnie on CBS… CBS has made a bad call. I have followed John for more than 10 years (give or take); the first time he said some smart alec comment, I knew that this was a guy that I would trust to get information from.
    Good LUCK John… START a blog, land somewhere safe and sound. CBS has lost another loyal viewer.

  147. My morning starts with John Kessler. I switched to CBS because of him. Loved the way the gals heckled him and enjopyed his sence of humor. Guess I will start looking for another personality I can relate to. Sorry your station made this mistake of letting him go. To many female personalities without any spark. John really balanced things out. Good luck to you John. Be sure to post where we can tune in. Disappointed in Windsor, CA.

  148. I have been wondering what happened to John Kessler…now I see he is gone. I do not like the new format and will be finding another morning news channel.

  149. Sometimes this "business" makes no sense! John was the best thing in the SF Bay Area news biz!!!!! I will NOT continue watching! Unfortunately the choices are slim!

  150. My husband and I miss John Kessler and his style of news delivery. My husband looked forward to watching him every morning before work. He will be missed. It does not seem like CBS accepted his light-hearted repartee. Too bad.

  151. I will no longer be watching the morning news. I too thought that John was on an extended vacation. He was the best part of the morning news.

    John, best of luck to you in the future and I hope you land at a local station so I can continue to watch.

  152. Let the sweepstakes begin!! Whichever morning news station that is smart enough to hire John Kessler will get my viewership and I think much of the morning audience.

    The only thing sadder than the stupidity of this move is the classless way it has been handled.

    The morning team of Kessler and Kohara was GREAT!! The 2nd best thing that Kessler's new station can do is to hire Kohara away from CBS.

  153. Again John is gone. I hate when that happens. I use to watch him on KRON and they did the same thing. I agree with a lot of the other post about it being too much like The View now. John was why I got up that early to watch the news. I won't be watching KPIX anymore. You guys blew it.

  154. I am so disappointed that John Kessler will no longer be on my favorite news station. longer my favorite news station! John Kessler gone…big mistake..BIG mistake!!!

  155. I'm extremely disappointed in the loss of John Kessler. He was why I tuned into KPIX every morning. That blonde traffic bimbo turned co-anchor is a joke. Another major blunder by the SF TV media. They truly don't have a clue what their audience wants or enjoys. Another reason to tune out the idiot box. Thanks for nothing.

  156. I watched John Kessler on KRON after he left I never watched KRON morning show again. I was so happy to find him on channel 5. I to have been wondering where he was the last few weeks. I love his dry sense of humor. He makes the news bearable. Even when they hired Elizabeth for traffic I kept watching even though she annoyed me because I enjoyed the Kessler and Kohara team. I could not believe my eyes when I tuned in one morning and Elizabeth was in the anchor chair. I can barely stomach her at traffic and now she's an anchor!!!! I am so disappointed to hear that John was FIRED and not even a mention like he didn't exist. I too as many others have stated will move on and hope that John Kessler finds another bay area station so I can get my daily dose of his humor. KCBS you made a huge mistake!!!

  157. I would get up at 5am to watch John and Sydnie before I started my day. The stress of the job was bearable when I could laugh in the morning and still get the news. All the other stations report the news, but that team reported life with a laugh. I liked the new set and I love all the ladies, but I miss the laugh and fun of the news. I have been flipping the stations until I find one I will watch for a while.

  158. Attention CBS management:
    Sorry for the viewers that you no longer value the team of Kessler/Kohara. You had something special there. But then we see large corporations making a lot of mistakes these days. Yours is highly visible.
    Good luck trying to recreate that kind of chemistry.
    Very disappointed !!!

    Sent From G's iPhone

  159. I can't believe you let the best part of the morning news leave. John and Syndie had the best chemistry. They made you actually stop and pay attention. I didn't like Elizabeth when she did traffic and I like her even less as an anchor. Sounds like alot of people feel the same way. Management should take another look at this decision, seems to me in this economy you wouldn't want to loose viewers. So, what channel do you think I should watch now? You are right, anyone but channel 5.


  161. I followed John from KRON to KPIX. If he remains in the Bay Area, I will follow him to the next station. Otherwise, I hope to see him during my business travels. Good luck John and good luck to the morning KPIX team.


  163. John Kessler gone? BAD move! Don't think management realizes numbers that tuned to CBS5 only because of Sidney & John. They made a great team- fantastic chemistry! (They were like Laural & Hardy, Martin & Lewis, Ying & Yang) CBS is losing more than they think! Great start for the day. In these times were there is so much bad news, John & Sidney made the news eazier to here. You didn't just hear the news from them, you felt it! The new look? Whats with that? Management must of really lost it! And all of a sudden the weather person is co-anchor? Who did she sleep with??? GOOD BYE CBS Morning News! Barbara Berg San Lorenzo

  164. I was out of town and thought I had apparently missed a farewell to John Kessler but found out just now on Google that he's gone. No more KPIX morning news for me. The weather and traffic girls are beneath the quality of a CBS station and now they're tauted as stars of the show? Not for me.
    Anonymous 80 year old of San Ramon

  165. I was disappointed when I turned on my favorite Channel 5 AM news program after being on vacation and John Kessler wasn't there. I was shocked when I Googled him and learned he'd been fired! I've read all of the previous comments, agree with them, and will also turn to another channel to find out "what happened while I was asleep" and get the traffic and weather forecasts. I've found the couch look unappealing since it's inception–John's wry humor was the only thing that made it bearable to watch. Hopefully he will be hired by another local channel and I can enjoy my morning coffee with him again!

  166. I loved starting my day with John Kessler and Sydney Kohara. Now that John is gone, I am done with CBS 5 Morning news, he truly made that morning news show, with his wit, sarcasm and telling the news like it is: no nonsense. The new format all women seems so fluffy now. John is a real newsman. We live in the same neighborhood, and I just found out from him yesterday what happened, I thought he was on vacation. I am very disapointed that CBS would be so shallow as to not renew his contract. You are not worthy of him, I am sure he will end up on another smarter and better station.

  167. Sooooooooooooo very disappointed! My 11 yr old daughter, me (her mom), and my 70 yr old mother all loved John's humor. We always tuned in every morning to hear his wise cracks — yet he was also very informed and serious about the news. Non of us enjoy Elizabeth; she was good at traffic but not a "John Kessler". And we like Sydney but not enough to stay with Channel 5 in the a.m.

    Too bad… and rude they never said a thing. For me to even look up what happened to him is very rare… I never participate in any of these blogs. But here I am to join the many who wish John the best of luck and we hope he sticks around the Bay Area — I would definitely tune in! Signed, A Family in Dublin.

  168. Anonymous

    After more than two weeks I figured something must've happened to John Kessler. Now I know. John Kessler never took himself too seriously and always seemed to enjoy himself regardless of the news he was delivering. The all women format is boring. The first thing that occurred to me is that this was another case of a senior anchor/reporter being let go because of age to save money. Bad decision; bad idea.

  169. I followed John Kessler from KRON to CBS. I googled his name when I finally figured out he wasn't just on vacation. Where is John Kessler going?

  170. I enjoyed the Kessler/Kohara interplay. They were for me the best on morning news TV. I'm not how this change will play out over time, but things do change. At the moment, I'm not all that happy with it. What bothers me the most, is how it appears CBS handled the matter. Viewer audiences don't appreciate tuning in to a favorite show to experience radical change without explanation.

  171. Adios Channel Five. The only reason why I wathched this news was John Kessler. I don't like the new format on the couch and I don't like the ladies. I agrees with the others, its like a hen party and me too, I am a woman. My husband says that the news is fluffy and with John gone, well let's just say, so are we. Gone. Good luck John. I hope to see you on the morning news somewhere in the Bay Area. And when you do start your new gig, please tell them, NO COUCHES. It's news, for Pete's sake!

  172. The highlight of my morning was watching CBS5 Early Show with John and Sydney. Now I will have to find another morning show as this one no longer holds my interest. The girls are good but not as cheerful as when John is there. The couch is a disaster – no one looks like they are comfortable. Who is it that is setting the look of the show that likes the 'up the skirt' shots? Now the girls twist and can't get really comfortable.
    John always brought in a sense of humor to the show. The girls have not been able to do that. You messed with the chemistry of the show and now your ratings are really going away.

    I really like CBS5 programming but will seek another station for the my morning show. Now to find one that does not have an agenda like you guys used to be. Good Luck John!! Hope to see you again soon!!!
    Censorship is something new to CBS5! Another reason to leave your news presentations.

  173. Whoever offers a job to John Kessler will benefit from his professional work. He is not just a good news anchor but a huge personality. The Bay Area has lost John Kessler more than once and though CBS had once bathed in success by rescuing a favorite newsman, they will suffer the consequences of losing a multitude of their viewers. RIP KPIX!

  174. The management of the CBS5 morning news should have their contracts voided. They are out of touch with the viewers. John Kessler carried Daria when on KRON. While I cannot stand Daria's voice, I watched KRON because of my like for John. I was so happy when he moved to CBS5. I often suspected Daria's boob job (which she seems the most impressed with) was a last ditch effort on her part to save her job. But even Daria's boob job can't even get me to watch KRON. I, like the other long time CBS5 morning news viewers, will change my viewing away from CBS5. Your ratings are going to DROP. I can't wait to see the commercials announcing John Kessler's return to an anchor desk. In the meantime, I will write and complain: CBS5's General Manager Ron Longinotti and News Director Dan Rosenheimhe, both of whom in my opinion should be referred to as Classless and Clueless. Didn't even let us say good-bye (for now) to Mr. John Kessler. SHAME ON YOU.

  175. Why would loyal KPIX viewers have to search the internet to find out where their favorite morning anchor/s are? Not good business sense KPIX, especially based on the comments contained in this blog! If you were trying to save money, you should have let Elizabeth and Tracy go and let John and Sydnie do your traffic and weather spots! How's that for new format? Those two girls are so irritating with Tracy's shrill voice and stupid comments and Elizabeth's 10 year old girl, fumbled delivery. They go well with the stupid set/couch! Hopefully another station will pick up John and Sydnie as I've just read you let her go too. I will definitely be switching stations!!!

  176. Echo everyone elses comments. John was the "anchor" of this show. Like Sidney… but she cannot carry it. Elizabeth doesn't have the gravitas (she needs a coach). Off to mornings on 2, nothing like Kessler and Kohara, but like Southwest Airlines, you know what you're buying. Oh, and the Ikea couches need to go…. I think you're one wardrobe malfunction away from a lawsuit with those things.

  177. The ONLY reason we turn on the morning news is John Kessler. Management has taken a relaxed news program and turned it into a bland cookie cutter show that takes itself too seriously. That arrogance holds no interest for our family. Get a clue! If its not entertaining, who needs it. Do you really thing news traffic and weather are that interesting? Best wishes to John.

  178. J Frishof Redwood City,

    The decision to no longer renew/fire John Kessler has to be one of the dumbest decision KPIX has made. Then not to allow John to say goodbye? I like Sidney but the new format is BOOORRRRING! It is a good sense of humor that news needs. I don't wake up, turn on the news to be put back to sleep. I hope that John and Sidney end up together somewhere locally. They were a good fit! Who's next, Roberta Gonzales……

  179. John & Sidney made the morning news show. Without John, I'm now looking for a new channel. Too many young giggly girls on the show now. If they're trying to get a younger crowd – good luck. How many young people are up at the time the show is on? You really do have a bit older crowd and should be catering to them in the morning. The giggling weather and traffic people need to go! Elizabeth Wenger doing news – just horrible!

  180. Bye-bye 5…going to sleep watching Letterman, waking up and turning on John and Sydney, it will still be Letterman but back to KRON. Oh one more thing, lead in to Early Show, no more, KPIX has given me permission to stop watching.

  181. What a shock. I really enjoyed this show as a lead in to the early show. John and Sydnie have great chemistry and he and Sydnie were the class act among those on air. Definitely not the same without John and I will be looking for a new early morning news show. Best of luck to you John!

  182. I adored John Kessler—he's really the only reason I watched the CBS Morning News. Time for me to find a new morning program !

  183. You can count me as another viewer who will NOT be watching the morning news on 5 any longer. John and Sidney balanced and complimented each other and made a great team. John was so refreshing and kept the show interesting. Sidney will be boring without him. And Elizabeth as John's replacement??? HECK NO!!! She annoyed me doing the traffic, and she is even more annoying and boring delivering the news. Nothing personal, she's just not good at it and she is NOT John. Good Luck to John, I'm sure you will do just fine without the CBS Morning News. I don't think they will do just as fine without you though.

  184. We can't believe CBS has lost John Kessler. He was the only reason we switched from NBC to CBS news. We loved his humor and delivery. This is a real loss for CBS, because not only did they lose him, they lost us as viewers. NBC we're back.

  185. Mornings are terrible now! Thanks CBS…I agree with all the previous posts. How do I drag myself thru the morning without John??? Hello NBC…you win by default.

  186. I normally do not post … but it seems that CBS5 does not like older people … or people who don't look a certain way ….

    John … best wishes to you in the future … you brought life and a bit of laughter to me from what was just a dreary news program.

  187. I am so sad, the only reason I watched the Morning news on 5 was to see John and Sidney. Now John is gone, SO ARE WE. The ladies are awful together, its like a hen party, and I am a woman. Tired of the couch look, no one looks like they're comfortable with each other. Forget it….on to another station. I will miss Sidney, but she's bland without John. Good luck John and lets us know where you are……

  188. I too kept waiting for some mention of John when I was watching the news.
    It wasn't until I searched google that I found out what was going on.
    What a shame! My husband and I really enjoyed watching John and Syndie in the morning.
    They complemented each other well.
    It really started off our day with laughs.
    We will be switching to Channel 2 for our morning news.
    Good Luck to John wherever you are!

  189. All these repetitive comments seem to be written by the same person. … Attention Mr. Kessler, get up and move away from the keyboard. Do not post another fake comment again.

  190. Well, now I know. Too bad I enjoyed John, he provided a nice foil for Sydney.It is evident that he is knowledgeable about current events but maintains the perspective of the average viewer. I have been annoyed by the mornings as of late, all of the ladies seem too afraid of Sydney to speak up. I would hope they could find a way to work this out. John I wish you the best.Not sure if I will keep watching.

  191. You Guys Blew IT:Viewer feedback via websiteFriday, September 24, 2010 8:41 AMFrom: "harry brown" View contact detailsTo: Guys Blew It,
    I'm writing to complain, It is my understanding that John Kessler was fired two weeks ago. At first we thought he was on vacation, but noticed Sidney and Elizabeth didnt seem to be mentioning it as they normally would in the past, so we looked it up to find that he was fired.
    Understand that we watched your news program exclusively 5am to 7am everyday for years, we appreciated and looked foreward to your news anchors each day, especially John and Sidney. We didnt care for the fact that a couple of years ago you let Lisa Batalongas go either (because she got FAT?) boo to you, but we continued to watch.
    So now we have reached our crossroads, we may watch your evening news programing, only because we like Roberta Gonzales and Robert Lyles(contributing reporter) but even that is not very likely, because we rarely are home at that hour.
    So that's it. It was nice to have John and Sidney as our daily dose of am news.
    This makes multiple households you lost as a result of this poor decision your news programming director has made. Some of our friends have moved as well. It isnt fun looking for am news elsewhere.
    You guys really blew it this time!

    Very Sincerly.

    Harold Brown,The Brown Family of Martinez,Ca.,and the Friends Of John Kessler

  192. Okay, so it took me longer to catch on then most. Kept waiting for John Kessler to return from vacation. I liked the balance of Sydnie and John and he added a bit of "big kid" humor to the local morning news. Sorry CBS, you biffed this one and I'll be looking elsewhere for my news. The new slate of players is a loser.

  193. I wondered what happened after not seeing him for a few days. Just read about his departure and decided to switch to NBC for my morning news. I enjoyed watching John and liked his sense of humor. I watched Sydnie and the other two ladies for a few days but they just don't cut it for me. Good luck John!

  194. Bring back John Kessler…can't imagine what's not to like .. He and Sydney made a good tam, but she and the traffic girl reading news is embaressing .. also that couch is terrible .. but mostly, without John K. doing the news, that show is sub par. We are disappointed .. tuned out.. jp

  195. Good Bye CBS 5, I am sorry you will have a lottttt less viewers now that your most popular anchor is gone. I being one of those loyal viewers that loved John Kessler on the early morning news will be watching another channel hopefully one that includes John Kessler. I remember John from wayyy back and always enjoyed his humor, wit and sincerity. I don't watch the view for obvious reasons and since the new show is a cheap knockoff of the view I have no reason to watch cbs5 any more. I saw John at Sears Point in July, stopped him to let him know that my wife and myself were his biggest fans for the forth year in a row and he said then that things might change and sure enough here is the ultra lousy traffic girl doing news on the weekend edition (in training) and then I go the last two weeks thinking John is on vacation. Did a search and WTF do I see, John is no longer part of the show. How do they explain a dumb a hole move such as this? There is no explanation other than they are thinking they are going after the younger audeince. Well go after you gen x'ers and y'ers and see how loyal they are to you. NOT! Jim in Santa Clara

  196. I missed John Kessler when he left KRON and was happy at his return to the bay area and began watching cbs5. Recently, I kept watching and waiting for cbs5 to state that John Kessler was on vacation. I was really getting sick of the cbs5 line-up and found myself switching to other stations out of frustration. Today, I googled John Kessler and learned that he had been fired. Unbelievable! How could management be so stupid. Worse yet, the cbs5 web site had comments regarding John Kessler under some animal article. I wish him well and hope that a more enlightened station in our area picks him up. There is no reason to watch cbs5 without John Kessler there.

  197. Ah man, how could they let John go and not even mention his name. My mornings have not been the same without John, coffee is not enough to get this girl going in the morning ~ We need John back!
    John and Sidney were an awesome team! How could KPIX do this to such a talented guy? John made me smile before I was even awake. You have lost me as morning viewer.

  198. All I can say, too bad Mr. Kessler is off the CBS morning news. He was someone us guys could relate to. He made the news more palatible. Now I'll just listen to the news on the radio in the a.m.

  199. This is horrible news and a very big mistake for CBS. I LOVE John. He brightened my mornings and made me laugh. He and Sydney were so perfect together.
    John, I will miss you dearly, I feel as if I know you and I feel like I have lost a friend. I wish I had been able to say Good Bye. I hope to see you again soon and I have no doubt I will.
    Good Luck to you!!!

  200. I have been watching CBS5 news in the morning for years. John was a huge part of it. The banter between John and Sydnie, as well as John's candor set this news show apart from any other option in morning news. I have also appreciated that eventhough the news was often doom and gloom, I'd aways get a little bit of brightness from John. He has just the right amount of natural humor at just the right time. In my opinion this is a poor move on the part of CBS. It would be a smart move for another morning station to pick him up. If they do, they will pick me up as a viewer. I think the girls are doing a decent job, but they can't carry it without John. CBS PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! Get him back and give that man a raise!

  201. When John Kessler left for Chicago years ago I stopped watching the channel he was on. I guess now I will stop watching 5. He really made it personal and relaxed. I liked his irreverence. It is a shame.

  202. My husband and I always watch John Kessler while we are getting ready for work. His sense of humor helped us get through our hectic mornings with a smile. This is a big mistake. The show is very boring now. We'll be switching to Channel 2 for now. When John Kessler lands elsewhere, we will watch that station.

  203. I am very sad to hear that John will no longer be on the CBS morning news. He made my day and was always the first person to make me smile in the morning. I love his wit and sense of humor. I will most likely discontinue watching the CBS morning news.

  204. How could you???? Replacing John Kessler with that chirping traffic girl? Well, you lost yet another viewer, Channel 5. We'll be skirting the stations to see where he goes and follow him there. Deadpan Sydney and her all-girl- band-on-The-Couch just don't cut it. They're terrible. Consider yourself boycotted at this household. We miss you terribly, John.

  205. Wow. What a suicidal move for KPIX. John Kessler was the reason I tuned in every morning. I've moved to channel 2 now. The new format is boring and way too estrogen-charged (and I'm female). Stupid, stupid, stupid move.

  206. John! We missed you when you left KRON and NOW you've left us again-of course, not of your choosing.
    Poo-poo to CBS5…they've lost me as a fan and I just want to say that here in Ukiah, John's humor was the perfect start to my day!
    Miss ya, buddy – the girls are just not that appealing all alone; sorry girls. Sure gonna miss the "blowed up" segments – 🙁

  207. My Husband and I love to watch KPIX in the mornings. John Kessler and Sydnie Kohara were such a great team. We love John! He is so funny! He is the reason we watch that channel. We went on vacation and when we got back, John was gone. Then we find out that he was let go! WTF? KPIX really, really blew it. BLEW IT!! You're losing lots of viewers now!

  208. When I heard John was gone and not on vacation, I was devasted. He adds so much to the morning show. Sydnie and John were the reason I said with KPIX morning show. I have followed them both. Someone should create a talk show for them. This is a great lost to all viewers. Not a good move!

  209. Go to and email your comments to the General Manager Ron Longinotti and News Director Dan Rosenheim. They are the "suits" who made the decision to let John go and replace him with airheads. And pulling him from the air so abruptly without explanation or allowing him to say goodbye to his viewers was horrible.

  210. I am very disappointed that John is not going to be on channel 5 morning news. He and Sydney was my husband and I wake up people. We started watching ch. 5 when John came on, and we watched ch.4 when he was there. We will be watching the next channel he appears on. Good bye ch. 5. See you on the next channel John (smile)

  211. I start my day with John and Sydney but suddenly I realized something's missing…I thought he just went on vacation till I google him an voila! I love his wit and fun style..Will surely miss him…Now start tuning into a different news in the mornings…Good luck john!!!

  212. I like Sydnie but KPIX will never
    be as good without John. I looked
    forward to my early a.m.'s with
    John and his sense of humor. Hope
    he stays local so I can follow him.
    Good Luck John!

  213. Obviously this is age and gender discrimination. John I will miss you and no longer watch Channel 5 morning news as I have for 5 years. Thanks for all the jokes. Hope you sue the pants off them! Good luck and let me know where you go, I will watch!

  214. Truly bad form, CBS5. Thanks for providing the info, Rich. Guess I'll get used to another channel's report. W/O Kessler, 5's is empty and hollow.

  215. The ONLY reason I watched the CBS morning show was because of John Kessler. He brought a real perspective to the news, and his sense of humor was refreshing. As others have mentioned, I will no longer be watching the CBS early edition. Now it has become dry, boring, and well, rather stupid. Couches, really? Bring John back or you will have no audience…….

  216. I too watched big john on kron and missed him so when he left there. Was equally happy when he joined kpix, I moved out of state but visit the bay area 10 months of the year, besides family I get to see big john. I will truly miss him, kpix how could you.

  217. John has done an excellent job of reporting the news in the San Francisco/Bay Area for a number of years on both KRON/CBS channels. He is witty and humorous and made my sendoff to work a bit more tolerable.
    The best of luck to you, Mr. Kessler!!! You deserve to work somewhere where you're appreciated!
    My two dogs, Boomer and SuzyQ will miss you also. Goood Luccckkkk!!!

  218. I too was dismayed to learn that John has left. He was funny and witty and right on with his comments. I will not watch channel 5 morning news anymore.

  219. Now that John Kessler is gone I am going to another morning show.I got up early every AM just to watch John and Sydney. He made you laugh and just was a great way to start the day. CBS5 you made a mistake when you got rid of him. Good luck John where ever you are.

  220. Guess that's the end of KPIX morning news for me. John Kessler was the reason I tuned in. His dry sense of humor played well beside Sydnie's slightly more abrasive demeanor. I thought the team as a unit were great but not without John.

  221. Good-bye CBS News.
    Can't stand to watch the news without John. I only watched it because of John, I don't care to watch your news with your current cast. I'm sure they are wonderful women, but I only watched your newscast because John was on, we followed him from KRON.
    Your new format isn't doiong much for me either. It seems instead of bringing in viewers, you'll be losing viewers. I suspect you could have let anyone of the women out of their contract and not lost viewership.
    Hopefully another Bay Area station will be smart enough to pick him up. I'd hate to think of my mornings without John being a part of it.

  222. Maybe the management will listen, everybody says the same thing, what made this news show different was the good chemistry between Sidney and John and his humor and wits.
    Without that, nothing special about this channel, so I will also switch to another program, and follow John if I can find him.
    Good Luck John, you will be missed!

  223. I return from two weeks vacation to find that you have replace John Kessler? What a mistake. He gave the morning show balance. To replace him with Elizabeth who is barely good enough for traffic. She needs to mature and learn before being an Anchor.

    The recent changes, including the cousch are a mistake, especially with the short skirts if they want to be taken seriously. Julie Watts proved that last wknd that short skirts and couchs are not professional, unless you are a true Pro.

    I will be looking to see where John lands and hopefully it is in the Bay Area. He made the news fun.

  224. Bad mistake letting John go. I too will be watching another station. I followed him from KRON and hope to follow him to another bay area station. Good luck John!

  225. This is horrible. I watched KRON for years and when John left I left, now I looking for a new station. Its also very disappointing that we didn't know about it ahead of time! John and Sydnie were a great team!

  226. John will be missed. I was shocked to see he is being terminated. Like others above, I will no longer be watching Ch.5 in the am.

  227. Poor judgment on your part KPIX. John brought great energy, humor and charisma to an otherwise boring newscast. This all-women team reminds me of a low-budget version of the "The View". I certainly will be watching another station in the morning and hopefully John Kessler will be picked up by another station locally.

  228. PIX5 is now BLAND! John Kessler was the only reason to watch in the morning! At 6AM you want the news, but you also want his comfortable, often humorous delivery. Management really missed the boat here. If he "didn't deliver the numbers" maybe it had something to do with that awful couch format.

    John, hope you land somewhere else in the bay area. And hope they let you "be you". We'll follow.

  229. I had been watching channel 2 morning news and when they fired Mark Curtis, I NEVER watched channel 2 again. I switched to channel 5 and loved John Kessler and his laid back style. I guess now I move to channel 7. Bad move CBS5. Another viewer lost.

  230. Kessler is the only reason we watched the morning news which often led us to watch the CBS morning news. that's all over now!

    Who manages these stations. I remember when ABC replaced Charlie Gibson with some younger folks. Ratings went in the toilet. Had to bring Charlie back and then made him anchor for nightly news. Great management! Perhaps CBS now has the same brain trust at management that ABC had. I'd fire all of you. I'll never watch CBS morning news again.

  231. I am so-o-o sorry John Kessler is gone from CBS5. I have watched it for years. Shame on CSB5 for being silent on this. I loved the banter in AM. The new set is distracting, the whole show looks like an LA production and not SF news. Aside from liking John and John & Sydney the show seems really light now. I hate the sofa!

  232. I've been thinking, "Man, John's been on a long vacation!" Come to find out his contract wasn't renewed…what????? The new set is lame, couches really? I miss John Kessler already! CBS you just lost another viewer!

  233. What can I say. BIG MISTAKE!! John Kessler was the reason I watched CBS 5 Early Edition. The traffic girl definitely doesn't have what it takes. Sydnie is okay but was better with John by her side. Everyone sitting on that couch looks so uncomfortable. I will be watching another channel now. I'll start with 11 with Brent and Laura. Good luck John! I'll be looking to see where you end up.

  234. John will surely be missed, I hope he does well where he goes. Good Luck John, you know what they say things happen for a reason, that's why I'm going to
    Mornings on 2

  235. Hate the new WEB page. Hate the couches. KPIX come to your senses and bring back John Kessler. How can you people be so stupid? I'm watching somewhere else.

  236. We live in northern calif. I have e-mailed 5 news before regarding the lack of weather reporting for our area…the response was it was a management decision…well I think CBS should think about getting rid of the managing team as they have just made another huge blunder…I do not believe they have a clue as to what viewers really want, ditsy blondes, opinionated weather girl…John and Sydnie's rapport was wonderful…his humor and her dead pan…Loved it. Also the whole setting with the couches etc. stinks.

  237. John was and is the best! His best line.." I hope the ship does not hit the span" I am turning the channel…sorry KPIX this was a very dumb move!

  238. Such a shame to see someone as talented as John be replaced in his anchor chair. He's got more personality and charm than the whole new "The View Early Edition" team put together! Even as a woman myself I can't take that much estrogen in the early morning!
    I see there's a FB page attempting to bring John back. Those things rarely work, but I'll join in my support of John and thank him for the many years of smiles and out loud laughs he provided me over the years!
    Wishing you all the best, John! You'll definitely be missed. I hope to find you on another local station soon! CBS really made a bad call on this one! Cheers!

  239. I've watched the morning news for years and have enjoyed the unique pairing of John Kessler and Sydnie Kohara. (I even loved those Kessler/Kohara commercials that used to show.) Every morning this week I've missed John and wondered why no one said that he was sick or on vacation. So, I went to the internet to find some answers and was flabbergasted to find out the truth. The switch to the whole sofa thing was a terrible idea, and to lose the best person on the show was disastrous!! Your news show now looks like "The View". Ugh!!! John is one classy guy and whoever let him go made a most dreadful mistake. I'll be watching another morning news show starting Monday. To John, you'll be missed by many. Good luck wherever you go.

    E. Newman

  240. I cannot beleive what you have done. Who runs the place? If you think for one minute that Sydney and rest of of the new "VIEW" cast will keep anyone's attention, you are sorely wrong. My wife is upset as well. What were you thinking???
    John carries the show. I had my tv set to automatically go to channel five at 5am every morning. Guess what. NO MORE! Who the hell wants to watch the giggle club on the couch every morning. I will no longer watch the show and judging by the blogs and comments preceding mine, neither will a lot of other people. I am, however, going to record it for one more week, harvest all the ads and email this complete blog to them in an effort to wake them up and dump your ass!

  241. Bad move CBS….
    You should have axed Sydnie… The anchors now SUCK! You have lost me as a viewer, and I’m sure a lot more people as well. John was funny and had a sense of humor. Sour face Sydnie along with the new side-kick (Traffic lady) do not make a good team. Better luck next-time. BRING BACK JOHN! Hopefully someone will start a face-book page to bring John back! My family will NO Longer watch CBS5 in the morning! Back to KRON4. Maybe john will return to that station, him and Daria made a GREAT TEAM.

  242. I strongly suspect that the failure of CBS5 to renew John Kessler's contract is about nothing more than money. Changing marketplaces for television is creating shrinking budgets for news departments. I have noticed over the past several months that the news "line-up" at kpix is without a number of veteran field reporters that have been replaced with KCBS radio reports. This is a very sad and real sign of the times.

  243. Just heard the news this morning.. turned on KPIX and thought where the heck is John.. saw the Traffic girl sitting with Sydney and thought what the hell… I hate it.. I don't like the weather girl, not crazy about the traffic girl.. Are these people in charge not thinking. The only reason I tune into KPIX in the morning was because of the interaction between Sydney and John Kessler.. LOVE HIM.. Love the way he delivers the news.. makes some of the bad seem not quite so bad.. and his enthusiasm for IMPLOSIONS.. love it.. KPIX you screwed up BIG TIME.. Hope Sydney goes elsewhere too then see where you will be..
    Oh one more thing.. the new set STINKS.. it's one of the dumbest things you have ever done.. besides not renewing Kessler's contract.

    You just lost a viewer.

    Benicia, CA

  244. I also followed John from KRON to KPIX. I sure hope another local outlet picks him up and makes him, and me, happy. I don't recall a bigger local blunder since KRON called NBC's bluff. Ron Garbez, Menlo Park

  245. I watched John on KRON and then switched to CBS with John. John Kessler made me start each workday with a smile. I enjoyed his humor and his intelligence. Did CBS really think that the audience would not notice that the Traffic Girl took the seat of the Emmy Award Winning Anchor???? Seriously? Bad form CBS.
    I am no longer watching!

  246. Bring back John Kessler! What is wrong you people? He and Sydnie made the news worth watching. Not those 3 other bobble heads. Especially Elizabeth! Johh, if you read this let us know where you end up so we can try to tune in. And Sydnie, run far away from Elizabeth she'll stab you in the back too!

  247. John will be missed. He was a part of the team. I don't care for the new graphics. My tv in my bedroom is small and now I can't even see the time stamp. I will probably change to another station. No more fun in the morning…"another study"…John always cracked me up.

  248. I am missing John every a.m. I don't care for the all-woman format even though I am a woman – I think John offered balance. We are watching "2" now in the a.m. Miss you John & good luck!

  249. You stupid, stupid, stupid people. John had the old school appel and he appealed to plenty! Your little bland team sucks- boring!! I have been watching 5 news am for years – now it's over! Your new little up and comings have nothin' over what really appeals to people. Oh, and while I'm at it, your new set up with the couches looks absolutely stupid. Your people can't even sit on them right and look totally uncomfortable. They don't know what to do with their legs, their hands – whatever. Ugly set. You know what? I'm glad John left. You don't deserve that kind of talent. Keep your little big eyed blondes with stupid smiles like – hello?? Anyone home. I bet your big shots can't match John's clothing style either. He has it all over you. He's the truth. Not you.

  250. It threw my week off to not see/hear John Kessler while making my breakfast Monday morning. Usually you hear….So and so filling in for John while he's on vacation and I did not hear that. I heard Elizabeth Wenger and nothing else and seriously….Qu-est ce que sais? Chipper young woman replacing older newscaster…nice one CBS. Of all the things to do…lose the guy that was brought fresh and different to everyone's morning. Pay attention to Katie Couric…she's great as a morning show host, but too bland and sterile for nightly news. You need that freshness to wake up to…anything less than that…might as well read the paper.

  251. I enjoyed hearing the banter while listening to the news as I got ready for work. They should not have let John Kessler go. Big mistake. I am going to go back to KRON in the mornings.

  252. Ditto on finding a new station…we followed him to CBS and if he lands on another Bay Area station, they'll get my viewership, too. What a bad move on CBS's part…

  253. I kept thinking John Kessler was on vacation so I was watching other channels until his return. However, today I said this vacation too long and did a search to learn to my dismay that John would no longer be a part of th CBS5 news. I loved watching the team of him and Sydney Kohara each morning. I do not like the new co hosts chemistry and will now have to find another news channel for my morning news.

  254. I will NEVER watch the CBS5 Early Edition again. John Kessler CARRIED the other 3. Frankly, I think its sad that they never mentioned it on the air, and just brushed him under the rug. And is Elizabeth the new Co-Anchor? Count me OUT!!! Channel 2, here I come!!

  255. I was shocked to see Elizabeth replacing John on the morning news. Don't get me wrong I like Elizabeth and if she wants to move into the news and out of traffic, awesome! But I have to say that I will really miss the John and Sydnie banter over my coffee. I love women, but the all women format at 5am…. I don't know I'm not really feeling it. Good luck John wherever you end up.

  256. I agree, watching the Channel 5 news since John left is bland and boring. I will have to search for a new favorite morning news show

  257. I was disappointed to tune into CBS5 news on Monday morning,9/13. and NOT see John Kessler on my TV. The team of him and Sydney Kohara was something I enjoyed each morning. I do not like the new "Team", and will now tune my TV into another news channel for my morning news.
    Good Luck John Kessler, where ever you are! You will be missed!!

  258. This is a real shame. John brought perspective ("another study?") and humor to the first news of the day. The interplay between Sydnie and John was refreshing. Now we have sanitized blandness. More McNews! Big mistake!
    Melissa L.

  259. Sydnie Kohar and John Kessler make a good team. She being more news orientated and John being a little more relaxed, between the two it is a very nice format,a good way to start my day without John Being there I will switch to Ch 11 NBC as they are a lot better than ABC, which needs a new Male News Man to make it better…maybe John can go there they need a better male co host there.
    I will miss John as he made me laugh and Sydnie knows the news and how to deliver…they should renew his contract and continue on, but I know they won't they let Rick Quan go and their Sports Division has never been tat good since.
    Janice S. wong

  260. This is a major blow to the value of the CBS5 Early Edition. If you have seen the show when Kessler is away, you know what I mean. Sydnie Kohara is too harsh to carry the show, and the all-women format, especially with the new couch-oriented set, turns the "news" into the "view." They could lose anyone besides John Kessler and I'd keep watching.

    Alastair Dallas
    Los Gatos, CA

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