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Chron pulls Nevius from political fundraiser

Chris Roberts of the SF Appeal (an online newspaper led by Eve Batey) reports that the Chronicle has pulled columnist C.W. “Chuck” Nevius from speaking at a political group’s $200-per-person fundraiser.

The group is the Coalition for Responsible Growth, which “in 2008 backed moderate candidates for city supervisor over progressive candidates,” according to SF Appeal.

Managing Editor Stephen Proctor told the SF Appeal he didn’t know about Nevius’ speech, which was scheduled for Sept. 9. After Proctor found out about it, however, he asked Nevius to cancel the appearance, and Nevius agreed, according to SF Appeal.

“That’s not something I want my reporters to be doing,” Proctor said. “I don’t think he realized that when he innocently accepted [the Coalition for Responsible Growth’s] invitation.”

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