The UC-Berkeley j-school, under the direction of Dean Neil Henry, is offering press passes to students and asking them to take the following “student honor pledge”:

    The purpose of journalism is to seek truth and report it to the public. As a student at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, I acknowledge that my work may appear publicly in a wide variety of media formats and outlets, including the school’s local news sites. I will strive to practice the craft at its highest standards, and specifically pledge the following in my reporting: 
    I will not fabricate; 
    I will not plagiarize; 
    I will maintain my independence from political and commercial influence; 
    I will not represent myself other than as a journalist.

The press passes were designed by J-School Lecturer Richard Koci Hernandez, who modeled them after the passes issued by his last full-time employer, the Mercury News. Students were told that they would be given their press pass when they sign the pledge.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. "I will maintain my independence from political and commercial influence." Would those influences include the gay journalists' group noted on this site?

  2. "I will maintain my independence from political and commercial influence" — That's a vague statement that could be taken different ways. I'm sure the school isn't asking students to give up their left-wing point of view.

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