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KTRB drops Savage, enters receivership


KTRB-AM 860, which has gone into receivership and is now being run by Comerica Bank, has dropped Michael Savage, leaving the controversial national talk show host without a station in his home market.

Savage, who broadcasts from his home in Marin County, is heard nationally on about 300 stations with 8 to 10 million listeners a week, according to his syndicator, Talk Radio Network. Savage was among the first hosts at KSFO when it switched to conservative talk in 1996. He remained there until 2003, when he jumped to KNEW. A year ago, KNEW dropped Savage, with management saying they wanted to “a different philosophical and ideological direction.” He landed on KTRB, which was (and is) at the bottom of the ratings. KTRB was airing Savage live in the afternoons and repeating his show in the morning drive. On Monday, the day KTRB went into receivership, Savage show was canceled. Savage can still be heard on KSTE 650 Sacramento.

However, Ken Pries, A’s vice president of broadcasting and communications, told the Oakland Tribune that KTRB will continue to honor its A’s contract.

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