MediaNews CEO Dean Singleton is giving his 18-year-old son a chance to break into the newspaper business at the company’s flagship paper, The Denver Post, by tagging along with reporters on stories. That’s according to the Denver alt-weekly Westword, which obtained the following memo that’s circulating at the Post:

    Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 4:00 PM 
    Subject: FW: Adam 
    Adam Singleton is trying to learn the family business. So he’s getting a little on the job training with our help. It would be great if folks could offer up opportunities for him to tag along on assignments, he’s eager really and can do some writing or just watch. He’s 18 and has odd hours (see below) so his night outings are limited. Thanks.

Westword, in a correction, says there’s some confusion about who wrote the memo. The assumption was that it came from Singelton himself, but Denver Post Editor Greg Moore said it might have been written by somebody else at the paper. Singleton’s MediaNews Group runs the Mercury News, Contra Costa Times and other dailies in the Bay Area.

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  1. If young Adam stuck around his dad he could learn things like how to lay off people, how to get subscribers cancel their paper, and techniques for alienating advertisers. Oh, and one more thing, how to pay yourself $1 million while thrusting your company into bankruptcy.

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