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KMEL host in trouble over 'holy hoes' quip

KMEL’s Chuy Gomez

Remember Don Imus’ comment about “nappy-headed hoes”? Well, KMEL-FM 106.1 morning man Chuy Gomez is in trouble after calling the girls at Holy Names High School in Oakland as “holy hoes” during his show on Friday. After the complaints started rolling in, the Clear Channel-owned hip-hop/R&B station started apologizing.

“I have now had the chance to speak to Chuy and hear the comment from this morning. I agree it was very inappropriate and Chuy agreed that it was extremely poor judgement on his part. I certainly feel an on-air apology is necessary, which Chuy agrees with as well,” Program Director Don Parker said in an e-mail to one Holy Names employee. The e-mail was obtained by media blogger Rich Lieberman, who broke the story.

“He is hurt that he has offended so many people with an off-the-cuff comment that was clearly not thought out ahead of time and was simply stupid,” Parker wrote.

Chuy recorded an apology that KMEL aired several times over the weekend.

“Chuy expressed his regret over offending anyone, which is not his style in the nearly two decades he has been on Bay Area Radio,” Parker wrote. “It’s certainly a very unfortunate situation, but one Chuy himself stated is one he will learn from.”

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