TV-Radio Critic Bill Mann says Michael Krasny’s “Forum” on KQED-FM 88.5 is the most-listened-to local talk show in the country.

    The low-key, witty Krasny, who’s been on the San Francisco NPR station 17 years, was bounced from his previous job, on commercial radio, for … interviewing too many writers! 
    The salespeople at 50,000-watt newstalk giant KGO said Krasny’s author-laden show attracted – here’s a charming term – too much “tonnage.” 
    “Tonnage,” Krasny explains, shaking his head, “Means older listeners. They told me writers attracted too many over-54s.” But the bookish Krasny got the last laugh with his subsequent and remarkable NPR success. 
    He ripped his old station, KGO, and commercial talk radio in general in a book, “Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life.”
Bay Area Media News,

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