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Luckoff resigns, citing disagreements with Citadel

Luckoff with his Radio Hall of Fame award.

Longtime KGO-AM and KSFO president and gm Mickey Luckoff abruptly resigned today, citing disagreements with the stations’ owner, Citadel Communications.

“The day you’re not able to stand behind or believe in the decisions you are being asked to make is the day you must be true to yourself and to those you care about,” he said in a letter to staff that was obtained by the SF Business Journal. “Thus I am closing my door for the final time here at KGO and KSFO.”

“I have repeatedly assured our incredibly talented and loyal staff that I would stay until they or the on-air product we created became compromised,” Luckoff said in the letter. “Unfortunately, that time has come.”

Luckoff, who has headed KGO-AM for 35 years and run KSFO since the mid-1990s, said there was no single event that precipitated his resignation, but that his disagreements with station ownership have accumulated over time.

“I’ve had a resignation letter in my desk for nine months,” he said.

Luckoff said he plans to write a book on his 52 years in the radio industry and will remain active with foundations. He’s also planning to get married.

UPDATE 5 P.M. — Luckoff told Andrew S. Ross of the Chronicle that he didn’t like how he was being treated by his Citadel bosses in Las Vegas.

“I’m used to running a first-class operation, but they were constantly going behind my back and over my head. Nobody knew who they were supposed to report to. That’s the way they operate.”

Luckoff also told Ross: “These aren’t good people … They don’t treat people well. They undermine you at every turn.”

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