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Bay Area NYT affiliate partners with Young Dems

Most news organizations wouldn’t even consider co-sponsoring an event with a political party. But as Peter Jamison of the SF Weekly reports, Bay Citizen, the new online news organization that is providing stories to the New York Times, held an event Tuesday night in conjunction with the San Francisco Young Democrats at The Chieftain, an Irish pub on Fifth Street.

Writing before Tuesday’s event, Jamison said:

It appears from reading Jamison’s story that as soon as he began asking questions, both the Young Dems and Bay Citizen began backtracking. A Bay Citizen marketing person claimed that the Young Dems were to meet before the Bay Citizen event, and that the website reached out to the Young Republicans (are there any in SF?) and got no response. Later, Szabo was no longer saying Bay Citizen was partnering with the Young Dems, and instead was insisting the events were separate.

Bay Citizen is the nonprofit news organization created when the Chronicle was talking about shutting down. It was started with a $5 million grant from Wells Fargo heir F. Warren Hellman. Bay Citizen provides copy to the New York Times’ Bay Area editions.

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