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Protesters picket liberal station KPFA

Doug Oakley of the Berkeley Voice reports that about a hundred people marched, held signs and sang union songs today to protest layoffs at KPFA-FM 94.1 in Berkeley.

KPFA’s owner, the Pacifica Foundation, plans to cut the equivalent of seven full time jobs from a paid staff whose full and part time hours add up to about 30 full time positions, according to Tracy Rosenberg, a KPFA and Pacifica board member.

Listener donations to the station have dropped by $500,000 a year. The station’s budget is about $3.6 million, but the station only has brought in $2.5 million through fundraising. The payroll alone Rosenberg said is about $2 million and that will go down to $1.7 million with the layoffs.

Oakley quoted Sasha Lilley, a paid employee and host of a program called “Against the Grain,” who said Pacifica could avoid layoffs at KPFA by cutting the budget of the national staff that runs Pacifica Foundation.

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