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One of the free-lancers who writes for was found guilty Monday in San Mateo County Superior Court of misdemeanor harassment and violating a court order.

Kent Schisler, 65, has been sending e-mails to Wells Fargo executives over a dispute alleging the bank defrauded his wife’s business out of nearly $1 million. Court records show he has been sending letters and e-mails to now retired CEO Richard Kovacevich for 10 years.

This year, Schisler turned his wrath on Kovacevich’s Todd by sending him e-mails to his work place, according to prosecutors. Todd Kovacevich obtained a court order requiring Schisler to stay away from his Hillsborough home. Schisler was charged after he showed up at Kovacevich’s door step with several letters regarding the dispute.

The jury deliberated for 90 minutes on Monday morning before coming back with its guilty verdict on all the charges, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Judge Joseph Bergeron sentenced Schisler immediately to two years probation, a $250 fine and a day in county jail, said Wagstaffe. Bergeron also ordered Schisler to stay away from the Kovacevichs.

At, Schisler is the “SF Government Examiner,” and he wrote about his experience in court last week in a posting titled, “San Francisco area SUPERIOR court trial, regarding WELLS FARGO illegal banking’s victim, & his wife.” Another post is titled “Government, big banks and politicians create evil webs.”

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  1. Kent Schisler's outstanding work has been removed by the editors at Even the Examiner has standards! I was on Kent's side as far as it concerned Wells Fargo. Well, maybe not going to people's houses or anything, but my distaste for bank presidents causes me to do business elsewhere.

  2. this reminds me of the incident last year where one of these "examiners" wrote a series of obviously false articles to see how much money she could get from the examiner … she alleged that a couple of celebrities were using the drug Ibogaine.

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