The SF Weekly is looking for a new managing editor (craigslist ad and company posting) after Will Harper decided to take the No. 2 position in the San Francisco Examiner newsroom, the SF Appeal reports. He starts in mid-December and will be in charge of all local reporting.

Before joining the SF Weekly in 2007, Harper was at the East Bay Express, Metro in San Jose and Berkeley Voice. Here’s his autobio from 2007.

Harper will report to executive editor Deirdre Hussey, who was promoted to the top spot after in July after the resignation of editor James Pimentel to take a job with parent company Clarity Media.

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  1. Will was attracted to the Examiner because of Phil Anschutz's "Foundation for a Better Life" which runs those sappy PSAs on late night TV.

  2. Anyone who has ever worked at the EX knows that Pimentel controlled and protected Deirdra Hussey. He would cover for her during her constant emotional breakdowns. Whatever money Hussey makes, she should give Pimentel half her salary.

  3. Pimentel is on a top secret investigative assignment for the Examiner. It's so secret that they don't even know that he works there any more.

  4. I like Will Harper and hope this is a step up for him. I don't have much respect for the right-wing Examiner, so I'm a little surprised he's making this move. Hopefully he'll improve the Examiner, but he will have his work cut out for him. Still can't forget the front page endorsement of Palin and McCain!!!!

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