Advertisers have long required TV networks to guarantee audience sizes or compensate the advertiser when the audience falls short. Now two ad buyers, MediaVest and Starcom USA, want to make the same demands on the newspaper industry, according to Adweek. The Adweek story quotes Dean Singleton, head of MediaNews which includes the Mercury News, as saying: “It’s just not something the newspaper industry’s ever done.” Singleton said he prefers selling on the basis of audience, not circulation, adding that it would complicate the sales process because buyers don’t want multiple ways of doing business.

Bay Area Media News

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  1. As a former Merc rep, I can tell you this is big issue for advertisers. Let's say a client signs a contract for a year at a particular rate, but during the year, the circulation numbers drop. The smart ad-buyers would immediately want to renegotiate their contracts to reflect the lower circulation, and management wouldn't budge. This happened year after years, and it created needless ill will.

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