A Las Vegas company called Righthaven, which sues bloggers and websites for posting newspaper content without permission, is now working on behalf of MediaNews Group, owner of the Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Palo Alto Daily News, San Mateo County Times and other Bay Area newspapers, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

When a publisher such as MediaNews feels that a blogger has violated its copyright, it sells the copyright of the article to Righthaven, which then goes after the blogger in court. Critics have said that Righthaven hasn’t followed copyright laws, however, because it doesn’t send bloggers a “take down” request before suing. The Electronic Frontier Foundation of San Francisco has filed two suits against Righthaven.

The Las Vegas newspaper reported that Righthaven on Thursday sued a blogger in South Carolina, claiming she violated the copyright on a Denver Post column. The column in question is headlined “A letter to Tea Partyers.” Righthaven seeks a court order transferring control of the blog to Righthaven.

Bay Area Media News

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