After 11 years as an anchor on KNTV NBC Bay Area, Lisa Kim signed off last night at the end of the 5 p.m. news.

Choking back tears, she said, “Today is my last day. I want to thank everybody out there — I don’t want to break up here — for putting up with me for more than 11 years. I am humbled and very appreciative for letting me into your living rooms, your homes every night.

“I’ll still be around here in the Bay Area,” she added.

Kim, a Menlo Park resident with two children, has a resume that includes eight years at KGTV San Diego (1986-1994), a year as a reporter at Chicago CBS O&O WBBM, and three years (1996-1999) at MSNBC as an anchor and host.

Media blogger Rich Lieberman said he was told by insiders that News Director Jonathan Mitchell made the decision to not renew Kim’s contract and that he isn’t impressed with any of the anchors at NBC Bay Area.

No word on who will replace Kim or what she will do next.

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  1. Here it is July and I'm still missing Lisa Kim! Lisa, we love you! Always professional and composed. A true class act – someting the current team is lacking. BTW someone should tell the morning weather girl her tight fitting clothes (and you know what I mean) look less than professional.

  2. Seriously, is this Lisa and her family members writing all these posts? I actually stay up and watch the ENTIRE newscast now with Jessica and Raj…let's see – both can make it through a story without stumbling, for one. Both are able to actually deliver breaking news without scripts (or stumbling – wait, did I already say that). And finally, they both are credible journalists – I am not someone in the industry, but I feel like Raj and Jessica take the time to research their stories like true journalists should. Hats off to KNTV for making a bold move in the right direction! Lisa can join the snoozer anchor lineup at CBS.

  3. Although I am a long time resident of San Jose and was not happy with the switch from KRON to KNTV, I gave it some time, hoping KNTV would get past the growing pains. It never happened, and I switched to KTVU, which although not exactly local, does provide a professional news department, which KNTV has never done – it is basically a hayseed operation and it shows. Kim and Sinkovitz were, to my way of thinking, the only two truly professional newcasters at the station, and they didn't last. My suggestion would be to replace the entire upper management structure at KNTV and we might start to see the emergence of a professional team.

  4. For many months I was wondering what happened to Lisa Kim, as I'm a very regular watcher of 11pm news on NBC bayarea. Only today, I got a chance to google on Lisa Kim and learned the news. I think, it was wrong decision on the part of the station director.
    She did a great job as a news anchor.
    We wish Lisa good luck.

  5. I miss watching Lisa Kim. Jessica is annoying – too much sensationalism. Raj is great on sports but annoying as an anchor. Really bad management decision.

  6. I agree with all the others re: the departure of Lisa Kim. Although I was not fond of Tom, I watched NBC because of Lisa. Not anymore — I'm off to Ch. 7. I was checking in to see if there was any word as to where Lisa (and John Farley) went.

  7. We've missed Lisa Kim since her departure and cannot figure out how management could do something so stupid. Same thing with John Farley — suddenly he's gone, and he made it fun to watch the weather! Really disappointing and we are watching much more of ABC 7 now with Lisa gone.

  8. What a thing to say to boost morale. Not impressed with any of your anchors? Jerk!
    I think Tom Sinkovitz is great. Lisa Kim was certainly better than Jessica Aguirre. I don't like Jessica very much, her delivery bugs me. Well, I'll chose another channel for news, bye.

  9. Mr. Mitchell. Lisa Kim is another loss for the station and will cost you viewers, just like when you broke up the team with Alan Denton.
    long time viewer leaving NBC

  10. This is absolutely the wrong move by the news station director to not renew Lisa Kim's contract. Lisa works so well with Tom Sinkovitz in anchoring the bay area news and she really cares and connects with the bay area residents. For someone like Lisa, so qualified, with decades of experience as an anchor and having won emmys as best bay area anchor, I fail to see why the news director did not think she is of the right caliber. Now, they have Raj Mathai, who was a sports caster to take her position as anchor. It is a joke as Raj looks arrogant, ridiculous and he does not connect with people. He should just remain as a sport anchor. He is not qualified to be in the anchor seat period! In fact, the news station director should be the one to be laid off and not Lisa Kim. Now it is just unbearable to watch the nbc bay area news as a perfect news cast team with Tom, Lisa and Laura is now gone!

  11. I agree with all those who now refuse to watch the local NBC station anymore due to the loss of Lisa Kim. She was a joy to watch and always made me smile. Her manner was always highly professional. I simply can't stand the simpering Jessica A. and the interaction between she and Tom simply doesn't exist. Boring!!! I don't know what in the world goes on in the head of Mr. Mitchell, but it can't possibly be called thinking. Good-bye to Channel 11.

  12. The goons in charge at KNTV have all the lack of grace and lntelligence that the same type of goons at KPIX exhibited last year after dumping the amusing and intelligent morning anchor, John Kessler. It seems apparent that he was dismissed because he was worth more than they could possibly afford.

  13. Lisa Kim is fantastic! She could easily do the national news. It's pretty obvious the direction the station is headed. Have you seen the new morning weather "Barbie?" Really? wouldn't she be a better fit for southern California? Lisa and Tom were great. I'm done with channel 11.

  14. Lisa Kim was the shining star of NBC Bay Area. Without her, they have next to nothing. And what's with cutting Tom Sinkovitz's air time? Truly terrible decisions all around. Dropping Lisa was the final straw. I'm switching to KGO or KPIX.

  15. Immedia, Inc I find it downright comical that you write your blasphemous garbage while talking about "responsibility" and "competence" and "maturity". Your blogs are not welcome. You slam an individual that has 4 Emmy's, has been in 3 major markets, MSNBC and had been recruited to become a national corespondent, but instead chose to live in a smaller market and choose a lifestyle over fame and fortune. You actually believe YOU know better?? Being an engineer makes you a better judge of talent? We know that Immedia, Inc. is not your real org, and now know who you really are, let's not mince words and please save your harsh, cruel, extremely unprofessional comments for your video game playing, during the time you're supposed to be working. SF Peninsula Press, shame on you for allowing such trash, no wonder this industry is flaming out!

  16. I don't know how everyone can say she was a great anchor. She was just…okay. Not to be mean, but I couldn't stand how she talked. What the heck kind of accent does she have? When she talked her mouth rarely opened.

    The best anchors right now are Aguirre, Dwyer, McGrew, Sinkovitz, and Sanchez. The rest can't read a teleprompter.

  17. I LIKED Lisa Kim and I watch the news reporters that I lik. I don't like Jessica Aguire…she seemes like she's always competing for air time, with her irritating and untimely loud laugh. I Really like Tom Sinkovitz…hope their smart enough to keep him.

    I like all of the reporters on ABC…they were smart to get rid of Jessica…NBC needs to take notes.

  18. TO: Johnathan Mitchell ND, KNTV News

    I hope 2011 in the news department takes a more professional and productive course then 2009-10. Because it was one for the books.

    Probably the most productive and proactive change was far and away the demise of Lisa Kim. My God, the poor woman could barely make it through a sentence without a flub. Ah, yes, indeed, major market talent. Indio will welcome her, if they like anchors that spit-swallow their words and drop entire syllables and apologize on-air for their ineptness. An engineer at our agency had recorded most all her flubs in the past two years and edited them on a 2 hour DVD collage he calls "The Lisa Kim Memorial Audition DVD" designed to inspire all those budding News anchors and field reporters from Tulare to Palm Desert and Gila Bend. It includes a couple classic shots of her stumbling across the set and another actually crouching away during the show intro when the TD messed up. Oh, the Hunamity! of TV news. We used to marvel why the floor director didn't drag her away by the hair on several embarrassing occasions.

    We're sort of ambivalent at the departure of Tom "The Wolfman" Sinkovitz. We had a twelve month, $600 pool going for 2011 for "The Sinkhole" that our receptionist already won. Maybe at his new place he might be required to pre-read his TelePrompTer copy before going on? Mispronunciation isn't just sloppy and unprofessional, it imparts and delivers the wrong information and changes the veracity of the story. And its like holding up a big sign saying "I'm a Boob!"

    Boy oh boy, we really like CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, JEFF RANIERI. Because even the deaf person in our basement can tell when CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, JEFF RANIERI comes on. In fact, our employees in the next county know when CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, JEFF RANIERI comes on. We're all wondering? Why is he always yelling? and what's he so seemingly angry and emotional about all the time? Did CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, JEFF RANIERI have an insecure, bummer childhood that he's working out somehow on TV? We think, either put some compression on his mic or lower his gain 20%+. By the way, are there any Assistant Chief Meteorologists, Deputy, Vice, Lieutenant, Secretary or Junior Intern Chief Meteorologist at KNTV? If so, can they get to say Hi, I'm JUNIOR, ASSISTANT CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, DOUG FUDSTER? Anyway, CHIEF METEOROLOGIST, JEFF RANIERI could take a real professional cue from KABC-TV Dr. George Fischbeck and maybe, really maybe try to be a bit more human, and not screech so much. OK JEFF-STER? To Wit:

    Moving forward, we have to say that you have altogether more then a responsibility as a public trustee for your license and the communities you serve. Coming days will be heavy, and competent reporting and mature management style will make a difference in lives and existence. Life and profession is more then a TelePrompTer. Don't shirk your responsibility just because its a news show. Remember, you wanted to do this. Just do it right. Thanks,

    Immedia, Inc. SF

  19. I watched (past tense) NBC News at 11 because of Lisa Kim. Remember when John Farley announced his last night, and Lisa gave him a kiss on the cheek? I loved that, you don't see that kind of display of affection often. She was the real deal. I was upset when they canned John Farley, and now this. Time to move on because there is nobody left there worth watching.

  20. Obviously there are a lot of changes going on at KNTV. With all the new talent, new set and rebranding to NBC Bay Area, there is definitely a new sheriff in town. Personally, I won't miss Lisa Kim. The fake "newscaster" long down note at the end of her sentences are annoying. Full disclosure, I worked with her in San Diego and she would only talk to you if you were someone that could make her look good on camera. Shy? Possibly, but she wouldn't even say hello to the General Sales Manager in the hallway!

    In any case, KNTV appears to be getting a makeover and I'm not sure how much longer I will be watching. The new morning newscaster Christina Loren is actually a meterologist, but quickly loses credibility with her way too tight outfits and "cumulus clouds" that float almost up to her chin. Reminds me of all the bimbos weathergals in Los Angeles….ridiculous and a disservice to her.

  21. It's been quite a few weeks since I tuned in to NBC for my news. Definitely not the same without Lisa. It's downright freaky how Jessica resembles Michael Jackson. *BARF*

  22. I hasn't watched the news in a while and I was wondering where Lisa went.

    What the hell??? This is the stupidest move ever.

    As so many have said Lisa was the only reason to watch NBC11. In fact for years around my house it wasn't time to watch the news..its was time to watch Lisa Kim…Now there's no reason.

  23. Considering she was the best of the anchors on Channel 11, and considering the demagraphics of San Jose and the Bay Area, I must say that Jonathan Mitchell is the person than needs to be gone. I watched Channel 4 and Channel 7 run into the ground by idiots…. and history seems to be repeating itself. I would hope Mr Mitchell's boss holds him accountable … not just believe his excuses. As a former (now retired) manager's manager, I know a bad decision when I see one.
    If another station should pick up Lisa Kim, there is a good chance I would switch to that channel.

  24. I'm saddened to hear of Lisa's departure. I thought she was on vacation. What's worse is that it appears it was not her decision to leave. I think KNTV has made a big mistake here. I live in SF and it's taken me a long time to warm up to KNTV, but when Lisa was on I always watched NBC11. I enjoyed her sense of humor and I don't see how you could find a better anchor. I love Lisa – there I said it, and feel much better now. I hope she turns up on another network?

  25. How would you react if you were out and about, doing your shopping, and some random putz pulled you aside to publicly remind you that you were recently canned from your dream job? Cold and aloof is a pretty gracious way to react, given the circumstance.

  26. I alway watch the NBC news at 11:00pm and Liza Kim is so refreshing and interesting to watch her beautiful smile. Now that she is gone, goodby NBC evening news and helllo ABC or CBS. Good luck to you Ms. Kim.

  27. I'm so sorry to learn of Lisa's departure. I figured when Jessica Aguirre was introduced that Lisa was on her way out….what is wrong with the management on KNTV??? Whose next Tom, Raj??? Guess I'm changing to KPIX they at least seem to respect the talent they have on camera. So long KNTV…

  28. Maybe she was having a bad day, like we all do. We've met her as well. She seemed shy but was genuinely interested in what we had to say. And from what we hear, she IS a nice person. We will miss her, and hope to see her soon on TV.

  29. Well, I once ran into Lisa Kim at the Cost Plus World Market on Coleman (San Jose) and I must say she was rather cold and aloof. I was trying to tell her that my husband and I love watching her on the news but she wasn't as warm or friendly in person as she projects herself to be on TV. After that encounter I don't think I enjoyed watching her on the news so much. So I'll be honest, I don't think I will miss her on NBC.

  30. I'm shocked. This is a very poor decision.
    I've got little or no reason to watch the NBC11 news. Jessica is hard to watch. The other anchors I could care less about. Goodbye and goodnight NBC11.
    Anxiously awaiting Lisa Kim's next station….

  31. Wow, when will the carnage at NBC Bay Area / NBC11 stop? A lot of the best of their talent — in front of and behind the camera — are gone. They canceled In Wine Country — the best feature show out of this station — even though they keep airing old shows. What's next, the demise of Tech Now? I'm changing the channel. Forever.

  32. Lisa Kim leaving?? What the heck?? Talk about talented people. What about John Farley?? THAT was UNREAL!! He WAS the Bay Area! I rarely watch this station now that John left and only watch from time-to-time when Lisa is on. Goodbye to Lisa?? Goodbye NBC Bay Area News! If they want to save money and have viewers, get rid of the highly paid, inept decision-makers!! Bye byyyyye, NBC!! **waves**

  33. Once again management take the best player out of the game only to loose viewership. Lisa Kim was the one bright spot of talent, intelligence, skill and composure. We will all now have to follower her to whatever local or national station that is smart enough pick her up asap. See how foolish station managers can be- they don't know a great broadcaster or professional because their heads are always up their own rear ends pooping out a loosing fomula instead of sticking with an award winning team player like LISA KIM. NBC11- shame on you.

  34. From nml
    My last source of news before going to sleep is nbc11 when Liza Kim was still the newscaster. Now that she left, I watch other channel now and of my friends and coworker too. Liza is highly rated broadcaster in my assessment, very professional and likable in so many ways. My wife and kids love her the way she delivers the news. Anywhere you go Liza we will follow you. We will get better than that of nbc11.

  35. I occasionally watch NBC Bay Area and see a lot of need for improvement. From the graphics and the set (a previous poster got it right by noting that the newsroom is always empty) to the story choices. Too much Los Angeles. No sense that the reporters or anchors know our communities. Exceptions to that are Garvin Thomas and Cheryl Hurd. The coverage generally is surface level. I haven't seen a local "scoop" on Ch. 11 in years. In terms of anchor talent, Sinkovitz is the best they got, Aguirre is past her prime, and Diane Dwyer ought to be on weeknights. The idea of doing the weather from Los Angeles was awkward and a bit insulting to a Bay Area viewer. The current ND has been there a year and hasn't done much but drop Lisa Kim. I wouldn't be surprised to see Comcast, when it takes over NBC, hits the re-set button in San Jose.

  36. Are you kidding me? Lisa Kim was the only reason to watch our (bizarre San Jose-based) local NBC affiliate. Bring her back or kiss my viewing goodbye. She is a refreshing and insightful journalist…unlike the blonde dollies at other local stations.

  37. The people who make these decisions don't consult their audience. If they did CBS wouldn't have dumped John Kessler nor would NBC's Jonathan Mitchell (read insenstative idiot) made such a rude comment.

  38. Lisa Kim is the main reason I watch NBC Bay Area, and now she is gone, while the station retains Jessica Aguirre. Aguirre's is irritating, too opinionated for an anchor, and ill-informed off the teleprompter. We need Lisa back to give the station credibility.

  39. Lisa Kim was the only reason we watched NBC11. We have now switched stations. If Lisa is hired by another station, we will watch that station.

    She is refreshing in her humor and honesty. We miss her.

  40. Sadly, the gauge to use with respect to talent, operation etc is money. The line of least expense is the line broadcasting stations will follow

  41. I'm sure that I'm wasting my time suggesting this but how about we protest Jonathan Mitchell's hiring to NBC in NY.
    I for one do not plan on watching NBC Bay Area anymore, at least not with Mitchell being the news director.
    And I do plan on communicating that to NBC headquarters.

  42. The decision to not renew Lisa Kim's contract was a huge mistake. She is one of the best TV news persons in the Bay Area and will be greatly missed. Not only was she great on air, her involvement in the community was greatly appreciated. Sincerely, William Wascher and Michael Sparks loyal NBC news viewers who may have to reconsider our local news viewing habits in light of this stupid move by NBC 11.

  43. There is growing evidence that the problem at NBC11 is not the on-air talent, but news management. Recently there was a very uncomfortable, and unprofessional situation when news anchors were kept on the air with an Oakland "riot watch" (including helicopter coverage of empty streets) when absolutely nothing was happening. The continuous coverage only encouraged those outside the community seeking publicity to eventually come in and cause property damage. Preempting regular programming is a decision made only by the news director. It was an extremely bad decision and created an unfortunate event rather than report it.

    A message to NBC senior management – change the news director and not the on-air talent, they're doing a good job.

  44. I have to agree w/ the Laura Behnke one. Her partner shoud get canned too. (Lawrence something, he fills in for sports, too.)
    I do not like the way she talks.
    Always in that same tone.
    1 sentence the voice goes up, the next it goes down. Then up, then down.

    I'm so sick of these people using sports to get in the door, when they don't care, and it shows.

  45. Now watch NBC 11 ratings sink even further!!! The ignorant decision to let Lisa Kim go (and keep Jessica Aguirre – are you kidding me?) will affect the station even more. Say good bye to thousands of viewers and your station. We are moving on to channel 7 or to channel 5 or where ever Lisa goes next. Lisa was refreshing, funny, professional, talented, and the entire reason most of us watched NBC news.

    Who ever is making the business decisions should be fired…there is no reason to watch the station from this point forward. I speak for the masses!! All of the great reporters have been let go. The current management are obviously clueless and should be let go. Start fresh with management who recognize talent and know how to run a great station/business. Bring back Lisa, hire John Kessler and weatherman John Farley and you have a winning team where ratings will soar…think out of the box. That would be a team worth rushing home to watch, record, or watch on the internet if you are not home at 5pm or 6pm. Get with the times!!
    Lisa, we love you and you will be missed. We hope to see you soon on a much smarter station!!

    Cindy and the mass of Lisa Kim fans!

  46. The whole feel of the KNTV newcast comes off as cheap and shoddy, and I won't blame Sinkovitz, Aguirre or Lisa Kim for that. That blame falls on the news director, who probably ought to be the one to go. Friggin' Spokane?

    KNTV needs to move its newsroom to SF. If you were a reporter, where would you rather work…San Jose or San Francisco?

  47. That sucks! Lisa Kim is a sweet heart! Big reason I would watch nbc 11. I guess I will watch channel 7 now or whatever new opportunity she decides to go too! Love you Lisa!


  48. I suppose a lot of changes are going to happen at NBC 11. They should consider changing their set. Newsroom sets used to work back when there were people in the newsroom working. Usually now we just see an empty room with monitors flickering in the background. If NBC is going to lay off everybody in the newsroom, they might consider a better background than a bunch of empty desks.

  49. I have wondered who was responsible for this moranic move (yet another)

    If this is true…Jonathan Mitchell your an idiot and have no vision for talent.

    Lisa Kim was the only reason I watched NBC11. She was professional, engaging, made the news fun to watch (like listening to a good friend), and always participating within the community.

    They have now let go:

    – Alan Denton
    – TJ Holmes
    – Lisa Kim
    *- Laura Behnke (awesome sports reporter with true potential)

    and replaced them with the two worst anchors from defunct KRON and KGO.

    Guess their not looking to renew their NBC contract…

    Someone needs to CAN Jonathan Mitchell.

  50. I find it hard to believe that with this much talent, with national exposure, awards and top grade education, that a news director from Spokane would not "be impressed" with Lisa Kim. Someone is not making the correct decision here, no wonder they're doing so poorly.

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