KGO-AM 810 News Director Ken Berry is taking over the role of program director at KSFO “Hot Talk” 560, the station that airs Brian Sussman and Rush Limbaugh.

Former KGO-AM news director Paul Hosley, who left in 2009 to start his own social media company, will return to KGO as news and social media director.

The changes are effective Dec. 29.

Jack Swanson remains as operations manager and program director for KGO.

Bay Area Media News,

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  1. PD at KSFO? Can't be very demanding work. He has to worry about exactly one local show every day, mornings 5-9. The rest comes in off the bird. I'm not saying that's his fault, but it's a shame that Citadel doesn't give KSFO a budget to hire some local hosts rather than airing essentially the same schedule as KABC New York.

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