It looks like AP will have some competition. Thompson Reuters Corp. has launched a news service for publishers and broadcasters in a bid to take business from AP.

And the news service has landed the bankrupt Tribune Co. (LA Times, Chicago Tribune, WGN, etc.) as its first customer. Newspapers have been balking at AP’s fees. Reuters says it is hiring journalists and using stringers to provide general news. Reuters already provides business and financial news.

As a consequence of the Reuters deal, Tribune Co. plans to “use less material from the AP and reduce its financial commitment to the news cooperative,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

One of Reuters America’s “content partners” will be, the online arm of the conservative San Francisco Examiner, owned by billionaire oilman Phil says it has 68,000 self-employed writers, or “examiners,” in 240 markets contributing content to its websites. doesn’t edit the work of its examiners, one of whom was convicted last month of harassing a bank executive’s son and another admitted to writing a “series of preposterous articles” about celebrities to see how much money she could get from her employers, who pay by the pageview.

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  1. I liked the idea of this wire service until I read they're teaming up with the Examiner. It's the print version of Fox News. The website is worthless because so many of it's "examiners" are crackpots who are nursing a grudge or promoting something they have an interest in. Reuters would be smart to drop the Examiner if they want anybody to take them seriously.

  2. Funny how those labels gets routinely slapped on conservatives but seldom for anyone else. You'd think news people would want everyone to know about everyone they write about.

  3. Hope this gets us back to the days when there was true news competition, when editors had more than one news budget to pick from. AP has had a monopoly on news gathering and distribution since UPI received the last rites from publishers.

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