Here’s another follow up to our report on the November sweeps. We said that CBS5 won at 11 p.m. Monday-Friday, but ABC7 informs us that they won when weekends are included. As we said before, the battle at 11 p.m. between Channels 5 and 7 is extremely close.

On a Monday-Sunday basis, KGO-TV averaged 49,000 adult 25-54 viewers over the week compared to 45,000 for KPIX, 28,000 for KNTV, 29,000 for KDTV and 16,000 for KRON. Our previous posting looked only at Monday-Friday averages.

Another point worth noting is that KTVU’s big gains at noon were partially due to Giants parade coverage.

Our thanks to KGO-TV marketing and research vice president Ellen Conlan for bringing this information to our attention.

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  1. How did KTSF fare in the November sweeps? They have news programming in several languages, including a weekday 7pm live Cantonese news.

  2. You can dice and slice ratings so many different ways that anybody can claim they're number one. I'll bet there's a station telling advertisers that they're first among left-handed lesbians, 55-60 who own two or more cats.

  3. No matter how you slice it, the numbers of local TV stations are so small it's not worth talking about. The difference between No. 1 and No. 3 could be a couple thousand viewers. A sampling error could put a station on top temporarily. With these audiences so small, and the ability of stations to generate revenue reduced proportionally, you've got to wonder when one or two of these stations will pull the plug on local news.

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