Raj Mathai

KNTV NBC Bay Area sports anchor Raj Mathai will be sliding one seat over on the news desk to co-anchor the station’s 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts next to Jessica Aguirre, the station announced today. The announcement comes two weeks after anchor Lisa Kim left the station after her contract was not renewed.

Media blogger Rich Lieberman reported last Friday that Mathai would be taking on news anchoring duties, but KNTV made it official today and specified that Mathai would co-anchor the 6 and 11 shows. No word on who will replace him in the sports department, though Mathai will continue to do “Sports Sunday” following “Sunday Night Football” and will remain part of the Giants’ TV broadcast team.

Mathai was born in Trivandrum, India, but grew up on the Peninsula and graduated from Los Altos High School. He went on to graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in journalism and political science.

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  1. That weasel dude and the female Joker would be more suited to a used car lot. First Denton, then Farley and now Kim. Way to screw up a decent news broadcast, guys. KGO is looking pretty good now.

  2. I think at NBC Bay Area the (KNTV)problems are not in front of the camera but rather it's the folks behind the camera (management)

    KGO TV back in the 80' had a "revolving" door for it's air talent
    (reporters and anchors) and the more you rotate people out the more viewers loose loyalty towards a TV news station.

    Ask the veiwers (that brings in the $) what they want to see on their news station.

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