Media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that former KPIX and KRON anchor John Kessler is slated to co-anchor the KGO-AM afternoon news (4-7 p.m.) on Thursday and Friday. It’s possibly a try out. KPIX didn’t renew Kessler’s contract and he left the morning news in October without so much as a “goodbye” to viewers.

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  1. I really hope to see John on the news again. What is management waiting for? He has a huge following and no one is more likeable than John. He's the George Clooney of Bay Area news…

  2. This is the happiest day I have had in a very long time. The
    Bay Area needs John Kessler on the news. I have never watched KPIX one day since John left.

    Thank you for coming back to us John.


  3. I hated to see John leave the morning news on KPIX. When he left I changed the Channel. I like the fun and laughter that John brings.

  4. I like John Kessler. He always says something funny to say to break the monotony of the morning news. He and Sydnie Kohara make a good combination. Now, I'd rather just watch re-runs of Married With Children on TBS when I get up in the morning.

  5. I followed John from KRON to CBS5
    and without him, the morning news
    is not the same. I'm now going to
    Chanel 2. Hope someone puts him
    back on TV. Love his humor along
    with the news. Will have to program
    KGO on my radio. Thanks John for
    always doing a good job.

  6. If KGO/ABC 7 brings John Kessler on their morning show, I will definitely switch from CBS5!

    John is lots of fun! I mean he is also business, but business does not have to be boring.

    John, I will keep looking, watching, and listening for you to be back on a San Francisco Bay Area television channel again soon.

    You are greatly missed!

    (If you don't believe me, then just google your name and CBS5.)


  7. If KGO/ABC has the good sense to hire John Kessler they will most likely get my support. I've stopped watching any KPIX/CBS newscasts and the only people I can tolerate on KNTV/NBC are either Diane Dwyer or Tom Sinkovitz.

  8. Well I know that I truly miss John in the mornings. John and Sydney made a good team and was a great way to start my days. KPIX made a mistake not renewing his contract. Sorry ladies but you guys are boring without him. Plus he was cute as all get out!

  9. It is great knowing that John is still in the Bay area at KGO, Very sad KPIX didn't renew as the energy betweeen John Sydney and crew was great. Just looked forward to watching news in morning Now not so much. I could only think of when we had the KPIX 5 crew at Metreon to celebrate Johns birthday with a showing of Anchor Man Sydney and Sue planned it and it was one of the most memorable events we did. Welocme back Anchor man. You are terrific.

  10. Not fair! John is awesome!!! cbs5 a.m. news is not the same without John. Where are you John??? We're all switching channels ever since you left. Kohara is good but now without you – no shine for her. So disappointing because I did like Kohara. Where are you John, your fans will follow…
    Mendocino and Sonoma county residents

  11. I hope this opportunity works out for John. He's incredibly talented and deserves to be working. Although I'd miss his smiling mug on tv, having him on KGO radio just might get me to listen. KGO hasn't been making the best decisions in their programming lately and I've just about tuned them out altogether!

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