Stephen Buel, who was ousted as editor of the East Bay Express last month, has joined the Examiner as assistant city editor, according to the SF Weekly’s Joe Eskenazi. Buel, who had led the newsroom of the East Bay alt-weekly for a decade and was a 13% owner, was let go in a dispute with the paper’s majority owner, Jay Youngdahl. Buel will serve under newly hired assistant managing editor Will Harper, a former East Bay Express writer and columnist. Oddly enough, in those days Buel was Harper’s boss. Buel replaces Julie Bunim, who left the Examiner in November.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. They're both substantial journalist with great heart. Hopefully they will improve a paper that has fallen far below the minimal standards of what constitutes journalism these days. Good luck to Will and Steve.

  2. Love the couragous religious profiling of the first comment, but don't dare print those Mohammad cartoons. The religion of peace will be upset.

  3. Sounds like a better gig for both of them, but doesn't the Examiner's owner require his employees to convert to Christianity 30 days after hiring. Then they have to watch an hour of ads from the Foundation for a Better Life.

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