John Farley, KNTV’s weatherman from 1996 to 2009, has landed a job as chief meteorologist at the NBC affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina, the No. 79th market. Here’s the bio his new station, WIS TV, has posted on its website. NBC Bay Area let Farley go in a cost cutting move.

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  1. What a mess NBC 11 is these days, which anchors coming and going. Who knows who the main weather anchor is? Who is replacing Raj on sports? Why isn't their most experienced anchor, Tom Sinkovitz, on at 6 and 11? Almost no local news promotion, except for an odd spot promoting the hiring of an out-of-town morning weather anchor. No promotion beyond that lame promo of the talent, or special series. The chyrons are often wrong. Never a local news scoop.

  2. I agree, I have missed him so much. He always knew what was going on, and he had so many contacts in the area who fed him weather information, he was a joy to watch. WIS TV is lucky to get him. Wish you much Good Luck, John! We miss you.

  3. Good to hear John is back on TV. But he should be here in the Bay Area, where he belongs. We miss him, his intelligence and great wit. Why does KNTV keep making such bad decisions, letting go of its popular on air talent? This was a bonehead move.. cost cutting or not!

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