Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs will introduce their iPad newspaper, called “The Daily,” on stage San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Jan. 19, according to several reports including Yahoo News’ The Cutline.

Despite the SF rollout, the publication will be based in New York, with former New York Post managing editor Jesse Angelo at the helm.

Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici says The Daily‚Äôs staffers have been engaged in full-scale dry runs, cranking out dummy issues for a distribution list of 1,000 privileged readers. Murdoch is putting $30 million behind the effort.

The combination of Jobs and Murdoch seems like a political odd couple. Jobs is a contributor to Democratic Party causes and candidates while Murdoch heads the company that owns Fox News Channel and the conservative New York Post.

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  1. If readers of The Daily have to follow a half-dozen links just to decipher a story, as I've had to in this one, I predict more temporary work for underemployed journalists and further erosion to sound journalism.

    Murdoch and Jobs, Capitalist Pigs, both, are well-wedded to exploit a covetous class whose shallow imaginations require steady infusions of crap 'n' buzz to provide their necessary illusions of being fully alive.

    SFMoma, like other public cultural institutions that find they must increasingly prostitute themselves to survive, will provide the requisite patina to an event that will soon enough be yesterday's news.

    The good: at least the party's still going… for some. Game-changer indeed! The game is the same: max every niche until the music ends.

  2. So you're saying once you figure out someone's political position the news writes itself. Interesting perspective. Guess I'll have to dismiss anything that doesn't align with my narrow political preferences.

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