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KGO-TV crew robbed, beaten in East Oakland

Channel 7 reporter Tomas Roman was thrown to the ground at gunpoint and photographer Stan Wong was robbed of his camera while reporting in an East Oakland neighborhood, according to the Chronicle and Oakland Tribune.

Roman and Wong had finished interviewing neighbors in the 600 block of Capistrano Drive about efforts to find homes for a pack of severely abused pit-bull dogs when they were approached by two men at about 7:10 p.m. Thursday.

One threw Roman to the ground, pointed a gun at him and threatened his life. The other armed man confronted Wong and beat him with a gun.

The robbers ran away with Wong’s Panasonic P2 video camera. The victims were taken to a hospital.

“We’re very grateful they were not seriously injured. They’re doing fine,” said Kevin Keeshan, KGO-TV news director.

Keeshan said the robbers would have a difficult time selling or using the specialized Panasonic P2 camera.

“They won’t be able to pawn it or take home movies with it,” Keeshan said.

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