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Deadline to enter the journalism contest near

Monday is the deadline to submit entries for the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club’s 34th annual Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards Competition.

This year, for the first time, entries can be submitted online at www.betterbnc.com.

Divisions include print, electronic media, magazine/trade press and public relations. For information on categories within those divisions and how to enter, visit here.

As always, the entries are judged by press clubs or Society of Professional Journalists chapters outside the Bay Area. No San Francisco Peninsula Press Club member will be involved in the judging.

The contest is open to all journalists and public relations professionals in the Bay Area. The fee per entry for non-members is $55, but if you become a member for $35, then the entry fee is $15 — a $5 savings.

Last year, the Press Club received 394 entries and presented 167 awards in nine divisions and 36 categories.

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