Patty Fisher is retiring at the end of the week after 30 years at the Mercury News. She announced her departure in her column today (Monday). “Yup, I’m giving up my wonderful columnist gig and going to work for The Health Trust, a foundation committed to making Silicon Valley a healthier place. I’ll still be working for the community and for the causes about which I care (note my proper grammar!) but I’ll be more directly involved in shaping policy, which I find exciting.” The grammar comment was in response to a reader who claims he stops reading her column as soon as he finds a grammatical error.

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  1. Hi Patty — Wow. Another journalistic icon retires. I've considered you one of the best writers in the Bay Area for decades, right up there with already retired Loretta Green. Good luck with trying to make Silicon Valley a healthier place — a subject in which I was engaged for some years. Very best, Jay Thorwaldson (former editor, Palo Alto Weekly).

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