Matier & Ross report that a couple of the reporters covering the Chauncey Bailey trial got into a heated argument at the Alameda County Courthouse. Witnesses tell M&R that KTVU’s John Sasaki tugged Bay Area News Group reporter Tom Peele with his hand, hoping to get the reporter out of the line of sight of his photographer. “Peele glowered at Sasaki, then sputtered, ‘Don’t ever touch me again, Pretty Boy,'” M&R wrote. Sasaki kept his cool but after the news conference, Peele got into the TV newsman’s face and let loose with an expletive-laced tirade. Peele was eventually pulled away by another reporter, M&R reported. Sasaki later told M&R that it was “no big deal” and Peele called it a “minor incident … the sort of thing that happens all the time” when reporters jockey for position during a news conference.

Bay Area Media News


  1. "… definately … " is not a word, dear anonymous coward who can't spell

    Oh yeah, I will be anonymous as well, enjoy

  2. Being a good journalist is not an acceptable excuse for being a prick. This is a concept Mr. Peele has yet to fully embrace.

  3. TP is also one hell of a journalist who has almost single handedly kept the Oakland PD from burying the Chauncey Bailey killing – not to mention the PD's cozy relationship with Your Black Muslim Bakery – from public consumption. But yes, by all means continue taking cheap, anonymous shots at Peele. What is this? The Lieberman Blog?

  4. Thomas Peele also is one of the best journalists in California, so lay off. Anonymous insults strike again. Journalists should be above such behavior.

  5. Anybody who has worked with Peele probably wouldn't be too surprised by this. Difficult to expect much better from a devoted Mets fan.

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