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Bomb in newspaper explodes in Vacaville

Initial reports this morning suggested that bombs had been placed in newspapers delivered to Vacaville residents, and that one had gone off, injuring a resident.

Police evacuated the residents of 12 homes near the explosion and called homes in several other neighborhoods to warn them not to pick up their Sunday paper.

Turns out, after further investigation, that only one bomb was placed in a newspaper. The man who picked up that paper was airlifted to a hospital, and his injuries were not life-threatening, police told KTVU.

Vacaville PIO Mark Mazzaferro denied reports of multiple explosives being discovered, as was reported earlier.

Travis Air Force Base personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in, as were Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives personnel and the California Highway Patrol’s bomb squad, Bay City News reported.

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