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Project investigates the decline of local news

A group of reporters is looking for financial support to do a multi-story project on the decline of the news industry in the Bay Area.

“This multi-story package — to be published online and in the spring print edition of the San Francisco Public Press — will examine how the slashing of staffs at news outlets have muffled city and county public policy debates; how new, niche news websites are attempting to fill some coverage gaps; and how journalists themselves have adapted,” according to a pitch on Spot Us, a website that raises money for reporting projects.

The project team includes David Weir, Liz Enochs, Jeremy Adam Smith, John McManus, Saheli Datta, Shawn Gaynor, Mineko Brand and Samuel Morrell.

From the Spot Us pitch:

The SF Weekly’s Matt Smith, in his piece about the pitch, went back and compared old copies of the Chron and Examiner to see what readers today are missing.

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