Why does the Secret Service want to monitor phone traffic to the San Francisco Chronicle? That’s the question Chronicle editors asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano yesterday when she appeared before the paper’s editorial board.

Carla Marinucci, at the end of a story about the Napolitano interview, writes the following:

    Napolitano was also asked about the Secret Service’s request to The Chronicle for permission to monitor phone traffic to the newspaper’s headquarters. 
    The request was denied, said David Byers, the newspaper’s director of facilities and real estate.
    Napolitano was asked if the request was part of a new protocol in her agency. “I don’t know the answer,” she said, adding that she would look into the matter and get back to the paper.
Bay Area Media News


  1. Sounds like the Secret Service is doing its job! How is it that a noisy publicity stunt occurs in the presence of the President about a guy who took it upon himself to put the security of our nation and its soldiers at risk while the nation is in two active wars and the one reporter who just happens to catch it on camera (in violation of the rules) is a Chronicle reporter? Sounds like they're in cahoots! Obviously this reporter can't color within the lines in the coloring book. This is not journalism and this was not the time and place to be a maverick if that is all it was.

  2. If they want to know about those singing protestors, they should have just listened to Mark Williams and Tom Benner interview the group on KSFO last Friday. The podcasts are probably still on their website.

  3. We worry about federal air traffic controllers falling asleep during their shift, imagine the federal employee assigned to monitor Chronicle calls. "Hello, the Chronicle." "Yes, I didn't get my paper this morning." "Alright, hold." "Hello, the Chronicle." "Can you tell my boss I'm calling off sick today." … I mean listening to this drivel all day long would make anyone go to sleep. From reading the Chronicle every morning, I doubt any real journalism is going on there, at least nothing the Secret Service would care about.

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