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Patch editors told to boost production

The website Street Fight, which covers the hyper local news industry, has obtained an email from Patch Editor-in-Chief Brian Farnham telling his local editors that they should increase the number of items posted each day on Patch’s local sites. Patch has 800 sites nationwide including 30 in the Bay Area. Each site is devoted to one city and has its own staff reporting local news.

Farnham’s argument is that unique pageviews will increase if editors post more items. Patch currently requires every site to post a minimum of four times per day.

When Street Fight asked Patch about the memo, a spokesperson said both the figure of 68 sites producing six or more stories a day was wrong as well as the figure of 350 sites producing less than four stories a day.

Farnham, in an interview with Street Fight, confirmed that Patch’s new emphasis is on “quick hits,” including smaller bits of news as well as daily photo posts.

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