KGO-AM talk show host Gene Burn had a medical scare prior to this show on Wednesday night that resulted in paramedics showing up to the station on Front Street, according to Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman. Lieberman said Burns fell to the ground during his pre-show prepping. He was OK, however, and able to do his 7-10 p.m. program. Burns has suffered a number of medical problems in the past year, prompting speculation about whether he’s going to be retiring soon.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Lieberman is like any other columnist or pundit. He mixes his opinions with facts he has dug up. If you don't like him, you don't have to read his blog. From my perspective, working in a TV newsroom, he definitely gets a lot of things spot-on. I haven't noticed many errors in his work. I know a lot of traditionalists have trouble accepting the fact that news delivered in a blog can be accurate, but judge him by his record, not your opinion of the blogosphere in general.

  2. Sounds like somebody is jealous of Rich Lieberman's blog. To the previous commenter, tell us what Rich has gotten so wrong? Or is it your wounded pride?

  3. I can't believe a Professional Journalism Organization would rely on that as a source. Lieberman and accuracy go together like Unicorns and pixie dust.

  4. KGO has the best of both worlds when it comes to liberal and conservative advertisers. They can send the conservative advertisers over to sister station KSFO.

  5. I like Gene, but sad to say his voice isn't what it once was, a powerful baratone. His health has probably hurt his delivery. His mind seems as sharp as always.

  6. who is going to replace him? john rothman? snoooze … Pat Thurston … she chases the audience away by the thousands because she's boring … karel? he can be funny but runs out of material after the first hour of his two weekend shows … watenberg is too conservative to be on kgo five nights a week, liberal sponsors don't want to be on a conservative talk station … KGO has got to bring in new blood, or have gil gross do another two hours, from 7-9????

  7. Gene didn't call 911, somebody else did. They overreacted. Gene's still got a lot of years ahead of him.

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