Jack Church is no longer the weatherman on KERO 23 (ABC) in Bakersfield after he decided to skip a broadcast to protest a story about strip clubs that he felt was inappropriate for a 5 p.m. newscast, the Bakersfield Californian reports. His contract prohibits him from taking a day off during sweeps, so the station decided he was in breach and let him go.

The newspaper said Church is regarded in some Christian circles as a hero because he put his faith ahead of his career. Church said he thought that appearing on the same newscast as the story implied that he endorsed the story, which he felt was little more than an ad for a strip club.

“I just thought about the young mom who’s sitting at home out of work watching that and thinking, ‘That’s how I can ride out the recession, go work at a strip club.’ It just sent the wrong message,” he told the Bakersfield paper. News director Todd Karli said he felt the story wasn’t promotional but just straightforward coverage. (Photo credit: Alex Horvath, The Calfornian)

Bay Area Media News


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