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Sales rep says Patch.com won't work

“Sales have dropped dramatically so there’s a tremendous morale problem within Patch,” said one of the hyperlocal website’s sales people told BusinessInsider.com. “The editorial staff has been worked to death and they’ve already changed it over once, effectively. The same thing is going on the with sales force.”

BusinessInsider didn’t name the sales rep who spoke out about Patch.com. The anonymous rep is also quoted as saying:

The anonymous rep blamed a lack of leadership for Patch’s problems, saying the company was so hasty in trying to be the first to market in the hyperlocal segment that they “forgot that quality people are essential to getting anything off the ground.”

“I’ve never seen anything as bad as Patch, ever,” the rep said.

Patch declined to comment to BusinessInsider.

Jim Romenesko of Poynter has postedM an e-mail from Patch communications vp Jannie Iamunno that gives the company’s point of view. Major points include:

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