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According to the SF Weekly’s Erin Sherbert, only eight of the 35 newsroom workers at the Examiner are women — way below the average of 35% women in newsrooms nationally, according to the American Society of News Editors.

What’s more, Sherbert says the last nine people hired in the Ex newsroom have been white men.

The Ex, owned by billionaire oilman Phil Anschutz of Denver, has only one female columnist, Melissa Griffin. But the Ex uses a full-body photo of her to accompany her column while the male columnists only get head shots.

One of the Ex’s eight women is executive editor Deirdre Hussey, who didn’t respond to Sherbert’s questions. Sherbert pointed out that she used to work in the Ex newsroom, and it was a male dominated place back then, too.
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  1. Actuallly, it's a male dominated organization overall with the execption of tight shirted and tight skirted young women specifically hired in the sales department to call on (you guessed it) primarily male clients who prefer their ad buys with nots of "value-added" elements.

  2. The Examiner's owner requires all new employees to sign a statement in which they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Then they are required to watch several hours of the owner's "Foundation for a Better Life" commercials that air on late nite TV. Like the one where the gang member of a bus gives his seat to the little old lady. Most of the women they hire are OK with the Jesus statement but walk out during the better life screening. The men they hire sit through it all, and that's why there are more men in the newsroom. And that's what makes the Examiner the great newspaper that it is.

  3. What's wrong with so many men? If the majority of employees were woman, would anybody be writing an article like this? I doubt it. The media is so PC!

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