KCBS returned to the No. 1 position in the ratings in May after KQED-FM led the pack for a month in April. In May, KCBS led with a 6.3 rating among listeners 12 and older compared to 5.9 for KQED. In April, KQED was on top with a 6.6 and KCBS in second with 6.3. These cumulative ratings are meaningless to advertisers. They buy stations based on their appeal to various demographics. But they’re good for conversation. The top 10 in May were KCBS, KQED, KOIT, Wild 94.9, KNBR, 99-7 Now, KGO, KMEL, KBRG and Kiss FM.

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  1. Local radio is sliding away. Ratings are down all over because people are listening to iTunes or satellite, and the trend will snowball once new cars become enabled for IP radio. Stations won't be able to deliver a large enough audience to advertisers. If you're in radio today, live it up because it will never be like this again.

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