Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that Sydnie Kohara, who was let go by KPIX on June 3, demanded — and got — an opportunity to bid her audience farewell. He also reports that she was escorted out of the building by a security guard.

When KPIX let go her long time anchor partner John Kessler in October, there was talk that Kohara would also get the ax. But Lieberman said she took a pay cut and kept her job.

Kohara’s Facebook page includes numerous comments from viewers who are upset she was fired. One comment is from Kessler, who writes, “Sydnie, is the nicest person you could ever want to meet. Her intelligence, grace and talent are unrivaled. Hell, she kept me in line! I am honored to be able to say I was (and hope to be again) her ‘TV Husband.’ Sydnie, I love you.”

On that page, Kohara writes, “Thanks so much for all your support and kind words. I’ll let you know what’s next, as soon as I’m done sleeping in.”

Bay Area Media News


  1. I completely disagree with these comments which are probably from close friends to both said reporters.
    John was always be very mad at something or someone, maybe even himself too, which made watching the news in the morning so frustrating and taxing; And as for Sydnie, she seem professional enough not too follow on the sarcastic comments or jocks John was always so infamous for. But aside from that she just didn't have an energetic personality which is very much in demand for a newscaster in the morning.
    There was also rumors they were both very demanding, and full of themselves behind camera, who knows if this is true, but would not be too surprising to anyone who ever watch their demeanor shown through the camera.

  2. Why did you bring someone in from Boston? There wasn't anyone good closer? I think he does fine bit I watch to see Elizabeth.

  3. You and John, you were "The Team". No more 5 for me. I do not know what they're thinking over there.
    Even Elizabeth will not keep me watching. Best wishes and hope to see you and John again.

  4. Sydnie, thank you for demanding a farewell, otherwise viewers may think you are on vacation and keep watching and waiting for your return. My family and I commented when John left that if you left we would follow and we have.
    Thank you, and hope to find you again.

  5. If there was one thing I could count on was the news and a little laughter to start off my day when John and Sydnie were on together on the Early Show..then it was just Sydnie…now no Sydnie and no more Channel 5.for me..I am one person so maybe if more join me go to ABC it will let CBS know we don't like how to handled you mature news people…I am able to see Rick Quan on ABC occass. doing the Sports he was a A Class Sports Reporter…and they let him go too…This Station is a Joke.

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