Mountain View’s reports that former Chronicle and Washington Post reporter Jose Antonio Vargas told the Mountain View High School newspaper’s staff that he was an illegal immigrant, and the young journalists kept it secret for six weeks. Writes Claudia Cruz of Patch:

    On that cooler than usual spring morning in Silicon Valley, Vargas sat across from 35 reporters ages 14 to 18 at Mountain View High School and told them his deepest secret, which he said only a few people knew. He also told them to keep it safe for a while. They did. For the next six weeks not a murmur, whisper, tweet or status update suggested the teenagers guarded privileged information for Vargas, 30, a former Oracle editor-in-chief and a 2000 graduate of MVHS.

One student, Kevin Troxell, is quoted in the Patch story as saying the class bonded with Vargas the day he met with them. “I think that especially because he was an Oracle and he went to MVHS, we felt camaraderie for him,” Troxell said. “Oracle [the student newspaper] is a tight knit group and we are all friends. He’s a friend and an Oracle, and that was the reason we wanted to keep his secret.”

Los Altos High School newspaper posts video of a Los Altos Rotary Club Q&A with Vargas on Feb. 11, 2011.

Bay Area Media News


  1. What about the public's "right to know?" Think Pentagon Papers, Watergate. Bet they all end up working for Wikileak. No wonder so many "hate the media."

  2. Journalists like to tell us to follow the money to find corruption. Their own corruption is behaving like a high school clique.

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