Jose Antonio Vargas, the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who has acknowledged that he is an illegal immigrant from the Philippines, will sit down for an interview with the Commonwealth Club next Monday, July 11, in San Francisco. Vargas, who graduated from Mountain View High School and worked at the Chronicle before going on to the Washington Post, will be interviewed by Phil Bronstein, the Chronicle’s editor-at-large. Bronstein has written that he felt duped by Vargas. But he also said that Vargas is “blessed with talent and brains” and that he sees him as a friend.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. The editor of a major newspaper couldn't find the news under his nose. And now he's the perfect candidate to ask probing questions?

  2. That's not fair. I'm talking about the previous comment. The HR department screens the candidates. Somebody like Phil only sees them for the final interview, after they have supposedly been checked. If you're looking for a fool here, it's the HR person, not Phil.

  3. Phil's not a good choice by the commonwealth club to have this discussion because he probably won't bring out how foolish the Chronicle looks for not even checking to see if their employees have driver's licenses or valid Social Security numbers. My guess is that the Chronicle's screening of its employees will never come up.

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