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Reporters get roles in Rob Lowe movie


The Merc’s Dana Hull, the Chron’s Carla Marinucci, Dan Morain of the Sacramento Bee and CNN’s Howard Kurtz play themselves in a Rob Lowe movie about politics being shot on Treasure Island.

The movie, titled “Knife Fight,” was co-written by Clinton administration insider Chris Lehane, based loosely on his exploits. He helped Clinton manage the fallout from Whitewater and Lewinsky.

Lowe plays a Lehane-like character and Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt is cast in the role of a cardiologist for a former baseball player who is running for governor of Kentucky.

Morain said he and other California reporters play themselves asking questions of Schmidt, such as whether the former ballplayer used steroids. Republican analyst Jim Brulte also plays a reporter in this scene.

“Knife Fight” is expected to open during the last few months of the 2012 presidential campaign. Morain described the shooting of the movie and the tax credit the producers got, and sold, in the Bee. Here’s a link to the Merc’s version (second item).

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