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Food inspection reports harder to find

San Mateo County Times columnist John Horgan, who regularly reports when restaurants and food stores are shut down by health inspectors, says the county government has halted its weekly online reports about food purveyors.

The San Mateo County Health Department’s website says will no longer issue those announcements.

Instead the reports are now buried on the county’s website. Here’s how you can find them (thanks John for figuring this out!):

Go to: www.co.sanmateo.ca.us.

On the right side, click “departments”

In the list that appears, scroll down and click “Health System.”

Then click “Environmental Health.”

Click on “Food Facility Closures and Administrative Hearings.”

Are you following this?

Individual restaurant reports are available on that last page by clicking on “Food Inspection Results Online” at the bottom of the page.

There are a lot of restaurants and stores listed. To make it easier, pick a city and hit return.

You’ve got to look up each establishment to see if there is a new report.

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