Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman says that KGO-AM is cutting off older callers as the station attempts to reach a younger demo. “It’s no secret that younger (read: A25-54) cute-sounding housewives from, say, Walnut Creek or Burlingame are given far more time than the old geezer from the outer avenues. Sounds harsh, but it’s true and it’s entirely consistently with KGO’s almost obscene over-embracement of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Bay Area Media News


  1. Young kids don;t listen to talk radio. They don't even know how to tie their own shoe laces, how are they going to articulate intelligently with the host unless its about baby food??

  2. Younger callers care less about talk radio, they can't even tie their shoe laces, how are they going to have an intelligemt conersation with the hosts???

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