The Asian American Journalists Association, or AAJA, is praising NBC Bay Area (KNTV) for hiring KGO-TV’s Janelle Wang and putting her on the 5 p.m. news alongside Raj Mathai. The association says they will be the only U.S. team of Asian American main news anchors outside of Hawaii.

“This move clearly demonstrates NBC Bay Area’s strong commitment to diversity and to creating a newsroom that reflects the communities it serves,” AAJA National President Doris Truong said in a statement. “We hope that other newsrooms will follow NBC Bay Area’s example, and AAJA is ready to help in any such diversity efforts.

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  1. Diversity? KNBC, same owner, is under fire for firing/demoting 6 Latino reporters since January. If the ratings suck, anybody and everybody is in jeopardy of losing their jobs.

  2. Why are Farley, Sinkovitz and Kim gone? When your ratings stink and your station isn't making as much money as expected, you've got to make changes. If the new crew doesn't improve things, they'll be gone soon too. It's a business.

  3. KNTV has long had a diversity problem in terms of meeting FCC quotas, and I'm sure management wants to get that behind them as fast as possible by reducing the number of white males on the air.

  4. Perhaps they were hired because they are good at what they do. Both are attractive and articulate, which seems to be the main criteria for on-camera talent. Diversity on television is skin deep.

  5. Somewhat odd that the AAJA said nothing about
    Lisa Kim's anchor spot being taken by a younger Asian. Janelle will do a fine job, however I again find it odd that nothing is being said about this organization letting go it's 40+ year olds.(Farley, Sinkovitz, Kim)
    This list is getting long KNTV.

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