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BANG asked to reconsider closing Walnut Creek office

City leaders in Walnut Creek are urging the Bay Area News Group to reconsider its plans to close the Contra Costa Times main office and printing presses in that city. The closure is part of a consolidation plan that will result in 120 layoffs throughout the East Bay (see below).

“We were surprised to learn of the closure, and we certainly want to keep the Times here,” said Assistant City Manager Lorie Tinfow, according to a report in the Coco Times.

What the city can do to keep the office open isn’t known, but city leaders plan to discuss the issue with BANG executives.

Mayor Cindy Silva said the Times is important to Walnut Creek.

“First, The Times represents good jobs and important jobs that we want to keep here in the community,” she said. “But to me, historically, it’s where (the Times) has been headquartered. (Founder) Dean Lesher and the Lesher family were a part of Walnut Creek when the city came to age. It’s a piece of our foundation. It would be really sad to just let it go.”

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