The former home of the San Mateo County Times at 1080 Amphlett Boulevard has been demolished and will be replaced by a 74-unit housing development and 30,000-square-feet of commercial buildings. After 43 years at this location, the Times moved to an office park on Ninth Avenue in 2007. MediaNews Group, owner of the Times, announced last month that it plans to drop the paper’s name from its front page and replace it with the flag of the Mercury News. Photo by Dave Price.

Bay Area Media News


  1. So sad to see this. My dad was a printer there for 25 years, and I was a carrier in Pacifica for a couple of years. My dad said it was a good place to work. Perhaps if old J. Hart Clinton had let his daughter Mary Jane succeed him as Publisher instead of turning it over to "Junior" the paper would have stayed in business as the "San Mateo Times" as published by the Amphlett Printing Company for a few more years.

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