After 21 months as the chief executive officer of The Bay Citizen news site, Lisa Frazier is stepping down from the $400,000-a-year job for what she said were personal reasons. Last month the news site lost its editor, Jonathan Weber, to Reuters.

“I set out to transform an idea into a reality and to build the foundation for that reality to continue,” Frazier said in a story posted on The Bay Citizen’s website Friday afternoon. “I’ve created jobs in a field of journalism that is disappearing, in a recession, but to do so in a way that has a sustainable infrastructure.”

Frazier, who will remain on the board, launched The Bay Citizen with founder Warren Hellman. She was instrumental in raising $17.5 million in funding for The Bay Citizen since the idea was born in 2009.

“She really, to a substantial extent, was the founder of this organization,” said Hellman was quoted by The Bay Citizen as saying. “My druthers would be that she stay here forever.” (Photo credit: James Irwin, from The Bay Citizen website.)

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  1. It would be interesting to know how many people look at the Bay Citizen site on a daily basis, or how many people even know it exists. Outside the field of journalism, I don't think anybody knows about them. It was a good idea that they did a poll of San Francisco mayoral candidates, because other media are referring to their poll and crediting them, but Bay Citizen is essentially invisible IMHO.

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